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ord27 08-13-2007 9:18 AM

got some great video of my employees this weekend <BR> <BR>the top mount unit works well....and the quick release plate is awesome <BR> <BR>but next time, I will tether the camera to the tower <BR> <BR>and dbl check the bolt that holds the camera to the release plate <BR> <BR>lake Joe Pool is now the proud owner of my sony trv 950 <BR> <BR>it hit the bimini and bounced into the lake <BR> <BR>thank goodness it didn't hit the gellcoat! <BR> <BR>time to get a new camcorder

nvip9r 08-14-2007 6:06 AM

I was just wondering on what is the top mount you use for the camera? Do you have a pic and also does it work well? I've been wanting something to add to my tower so people don't have to video it and miss out on what is going on everywhere.. <BR>thanks

ord27 08-14-2007 6:12 PM

Nick <BR>I use a top mount Trakker <BR>wakevideo .com sells them <BR>I love the unit <BR>now I just need a new camera

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