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05-09-2001 4:41 PM

will staying on edge up the wake give me more air? someone told me that but i dont believe him....is this true?

05-09-2001 6:10 PM

To get the maximum pop off the wake, you want to stay on your edge all the way up the wake, keeping the rope tight. This is called loading the line, what you do is build up tension in the rope. Staying on edge digs into the wake and produces a sling shot action when the board leaves the water. Anyway, stay on edge all the way up the wake. <BR>Later <BR>Tiffanator <BR>Ladyboarder.com <BR>AIM Suprachickchick <BR><A HREF="mailto:Thelandroi@yahoo.com">Thelandroi@yaho o.com</A> <BR>Hyperlite Wakeboards <BR>XtremeGearOnline.com <BR>Supra/Moomba

05-09-2001 6:10 PM

that should be <A HREF="mailto:Thelandroid@yahoo.com">Thelandroid@ya hoo.com</A> whoops

05-18-2001 10:29 AM

If you go off your edge, you loose all of the load on the line you've worked so hard to build up. Stay on edge all the way to the top of the wake. You'll feel the pop.

05-19-2001 5:41 AM

definitely, stay on your edge all the way into the air and even when you land. ultimately, you want to have the same body position from the time you turn in to the time you land and are edging out with the exception that you are just going to rise in your legs thru the top of the wake. it might take you a little while to get use to the load, but just keep your abs tight and your arms and chest still and see how much BOOT you get! <BR> <BR>travis <BR>ridethespot.com

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