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bbower 08-08-2007 11:16 AM

Any Riders on here in Mississippi?!?! Not "on" the Mississippi, but "In" Mississippi?

lukewtwt 08-08-2007 12:29 PM

Brant, <BR> <BR>There is a good crew in Hattiesburg with Clark Dudley and Austin Price. There are several guys that ride the Pearl river just north of the reservoir, like Zack Luckett. There are a bunch more up my way, around Oxford and DeSoto County. Not all of them are on here, but all like to ride.

bbower 08-08-2007 12:48 PM

Zack's a friend of mine, i went to high school with him. I'm from the Rez, and pretty much stay on the river for good water.

jheado 08-08-2007 2:32 PM

What's up Brant? I live in brandon and we are on the pearl river most weekends. Hit me up anytime if you want a pull. We are always looking for a third.

bbower 08-08-2007 2:55 PM

I appreciate it man... we are always up there, headed out right now actually. I usually go every afternoon after work and on the weekends. I Have a boat so don't need a pull, but we are always lookin for thirds as well... (most of the time its just 2 of us haha). I have a black and red malibu. send me a PM or something and we'll get together at houseboat beach or something and ride.

jheado 08-08-2007 3:15 PM

LUCKY! I will have to hook up with you guys some afternoon. Where do you normally put in at?

bbower 08-09-2007 5:48 AM

I keep it at my gramps house. when i lived there we built a 3 slip boat house so i just keep it there on the lift, so its ready to go at all times! Its in a neighborhood called Lake Harbor, literally 1 mile from Tommy's Trading Post.

holloway0105 08-09-2007 6:50 AM

Hey I think I saw you up there yesterday. I have the 07' black and red XStar and we didn't get out there until pretty late yesterday. Zach was also out there in a black and red older XStar, before the picklefork. We usually ride Wed., Fri., and then weekends.

eric_ms 08-09-2007 7:10 AM

Brant, how is the water on the rez. I live in Starville and we ride on the tombigbee. My old roomate just moved down to jackson and has been trying to get me to bring my boat down?

bbower 08-09-2007 7:35 AM

Greg, yea that was us. we pulled our boat out this weekend to clean it and whatnot, so we were over at tommy's puttin in. I got there at about the same time ya'll did actually. I have a black z71 tahoe. A friend of mine and my brother were in the 2 f150's waitin on me. Love ya'lls boat man! very nice! I talked to the guys in black x2 a few weekends ago, he said he knew ya'll. He said ya'll were from Destin, FL? Yea, i saw that older model xstar yesterday, I was pullin a friend of mine so i didn't notice who it was, I haven't heard from zach since the beginning of this summer when he went in 1/2 on that blue wakesetter. He said he sold his 1/2 of it back to the guy and was looking for a new one. he was lookin at my buddy, John Mark's, 06 SANTE 210(white and red). Did he end up gettin that xstar or was he just ridin with somebody? I see ya'll up there just about every time we are up, we ride M,W,T,F.. the weekends we'll ride early in the morning or late in the afternoon, but you can hardly do any riding up there during the day... so we post up on houseboat beach or take the cruise up to flag island - mainly for entertainment from the wasted rednecks and trashy girls! ahaha. ya'll have some good riders in your boat though. I'm selling my boat this fall and gettin either John Mark's SANTE 210 or an 08 210 or 220. if ya'll are up there today or tomm, let me know. We'll meet up or somethin, always good to meet new people and riders!

bbower 08-09-2007 8:19 AM

Eric, the rez is always a fun time. If you want to ride...well... up river is. The only time the actual "Rez" is good, is right before dark by the spillway and causeway, or right at first light for a few hours (always fun before work, everybody's jealous as your ridin beside the spillway when their makin the commute sittin in traffic headed to work haha). but its still not as butter as it is up river (especially on the weekdays). You can find good water on the weekends, but if you come during the week, you'll know what i mean... its glass EVERYWHERE. The best place to put in would be either Tommy's or Ratliff. If you are plannin a trip down let me know. Either bring your boat or ya'll can ride with us...it'll be good times for sure as always! <BR> <BR>During the week... <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/487061.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>On the weekend... <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/487062.jpg" alt="Upload">

eric_ms 08-09-2007 12:28 PM

Brant right on... My roomates are about to hit the road for the season and well my boat has been in the shop for a month and I am suppose to get it back next weekend. SWo I will be ready hit the water hard the last part of the summer. I will for sure let ya knoe when I decide to make the trip down with the boat. From the looks of the pics ya'll know how to have a good time....<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/487151.jpg" alt="Upload"> Weekend morning time

eric_ms 08-09-2007 12:34 PM

Weekend mid day <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/487164.jpg" alt="Upload">

bbower 08-09-2007 12:43 PM

sounds good man. Yea that's my brother on the first one and me and JM on the second. definitely know how to have a good time. that's what its all about! yea man let me know when you'll be comin down. a friend of mine from VA (i went to school in VA) is comin down the 23rd until the 27th. so we'll be out there all day thurs, fri, sat, and sun...definitely had to take off work for that one! If all of ya'll can or want to ... we should all meet up that friday morning and ride. Looks l ike that'd be 4 boats. we'd have it all to ourselves, hang out and ride in front of houseboat beach.

holloway0105 08-09-2007 1:36 PM

Yeah, Zack bought that XStar and we will be up there Fri. around 4 or 5 and I think Zack will be with us. He hurt his back and he is competing in worlds in two weeks so he hasn't been riding. Stop me tomorrow when you see us.

bbower 08-09-2007 1:46 PM

Definitely will...see ya then

eric_ms 08-09-2007 1:50 PM

Brant let me see how work goes and I will let ya know..... O and I got to see if the boat is ready. As it has been in the shop for a month so there is no telling if it will be ready by then or not much less next week like I was told......

bbower 08-13-2007 8:00 AM

Didn't get to make it out there this weekend, but was up there friday. didn't see ya'll greg, but i guess that happens haha. Eric, no worries man just let me know, I'm pumped for that friday. Nothing better than takin off work, getting up early and havin the whole river to yourself...well except for a few fisherman haha.. it'll Definitely be a good time. <BR> <BR> <BR>Anybody headed out today ?

04outback 08-13-2007 10:29 AM

Brant, <BR>I got a Blue Moomba Outback.. Ride the Pearl.. Went out late Sunday afternoon.. Holla if you need a third. We have been trying to hit the rez some late during the week. Wednesdays... Not too bad then...otherwise hate the rez.. <BR> <BR>Brad Webb

bbower 08-13-2007 10:44 AM

yea, I pulled my boat out 2 weeks ago to try some afternoons out by the causeway.(normally its on a lift in our boat house up river.) It was alright, but even when its at its smoothes, it doesn't compare to the glass up river every weekday! I don't think I'm going to make it up there today, but I'll definitely be ridin Wed afternoon. If ya'll are goin hit me up

04outback 08-13-2007 10:51 AM

Gotta go to Arkansas Tues aft - Thurs night... this week.. work..<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/angry.gif" border=0> Planning on riding the river Saturday.... <BR>Be safe.

wakerider06 08-14-2007 8:33 AM

Yo this is Cody Walker. I live around the hattiesburg area. Got a supra launch. Always lookin for a loyal third <BR>Peace

jheado 08-14-2007 9:00 AM

Whats up Cody? I used to ride at Paul B. with Steve in the little red bayliner. I had to move to Jackson for work and ended up buying a Mobius. How did you do in INT this year? Do you ever see Keith out there. He use to have a white ski centurion don't know if he still has it.

wakerider06 08-15-2007 11:08 AM

Sup man. Got 2nd at nats in outlaw last year and just ridin pro in bama this year. Na I aint been to PB much this year.

jheado 08-15-2007 2:13 PM

I gotta say I don't miss ridin in that pond at all. If you ever get up to Jackson hit me up for a pull.

04outback 08-15-2007 8:34 PM

True Dat on PB Pond.. Last time I was there before we moved to Madison... I was gettin harassed by park rangers on my sea doo. I can't imagine the trouble they would give me in a wakeboat.. loud music, ballast wakes, riding in their stupid Circle! <BR>Jeremy, How was texas? You ridin the river this weekend any?

gimp990 08-15-2007 9:00 PM

I am a Mississippi rider. I live in Clinton but I have a lake house on Eagle Lake so that is where the boat (05 24v) stays and it is where i do all my ridding. Gas cost to much to be pulling it all around so i just stick with Eagle Lake. We got a good but small wake crew up there.

jheado 08-15-2007 9:19 PM

Sam rayburn was great. We found a nice cove to ride in that was glass all day. It was one hell of a drive though. Don't know when we will do that again. This weekend we are heading to Meridian to meet some friends and check out oakatibee. Maybe go to bama and put in in the river.

bbower 08-16-2007 5:58 AM

Greg were you up yesterday with Zach? I went up there to pull my boat out and saw Zach pullin his xstar headin home. I'll be out on the Rez about 6 til dark. i can't make it up river today so we'll be hopin for smooth water on the rez. If anybody wants to go hit me up!

gene3x 08-16-2007 7:01 AM

Hattisburg is near Columbia right? My Mom live in Columbia and I will be there for a couple of weeks real soon. I will be jonesn' for a pull. Any chance I can hook up with yall for a day? <BR>Also does anyone ride down south near Mobile or in southern Alabama? Like Orange Beach area?

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