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goatroper222000 08-07-2007 4:35 PM

I'm really a wakeboarder, but i would like to start skating. Im 6' 185 lbs. if that helps. i dont really want a beginner skate because im lookin for something i can progress on. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. thanx, <BR> josh

treycleaton 08-07-2007 5:26 PM

Either a 41 or 42. If you want a durable wood concave, I can say that Sattelyte and Oaks are legit....haven't ridden and '07 LF Impulse though I hear they have improved in quality. I have a Devotid wood flat deck that I love...it's also durable and I know they are pressing a wood concave for 07 as well. A good composite deck is Integrity, but I don't thing they are pressing any boards to be released this year. Look to 08 for these. I'm sure others will chime in with other reputable companies.

hgaugh 08-09-2007 9:02 AM

You might try a NEW Wakeskate; I just bought one for my hubby and he loves it. You can get a custom one developed for you...that is what I did. They develop it for you based on size, riding style, and preferences. <BR> <BR>The Devotid decks are nice; Oak, I believe is sold out right now (???)

showtz 08-09-2007 9:08 AM

I got my 41.5" team machine OAK board from <a href="http://www.lakeeffectsupply.com/" target="_blank">http://www.lakeeffectsupply.com/</a>. He has sattelyte oak and new. I'm about the same weight and height as you. The 42" Molders Blow OAK would be a good board for ya. I was debating between the two so I think he still has it in stock.

locwakeoutlawscom 08-09-2007 9:53 AM

Too funny...How many id's do you have man?

showtz 08-13-2007 8:25 AM

Loc: Are you referring to my recommendation? I like the oak board and I know they are hard to get right now so I thought I would save him the trouble of trying to find one. Heres mine:<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/68124/488264.jpg" alt="Upload">

treycleaton 08-13-2007 10:51 AM

Oak makes a great board. Showtz, you would get more air if you'd suck those knees up.

cam_man353 08-21-2007 6:50 PM

im new im only 5 foot and want to start wakeskating <BR>i skateboard <BR>so wat is a good board to start on at my height

treycleaton 08-21-2007 7:21 PM

39-41 I think there is a Kampus K39 on Ebay right now for around $60

cam_man353 08-23-2007 4:19 PM

ok thanks

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