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x_l1quid_angel_x 08-07-2007 2:59 PM

so i'm deciding whether to get the JETT or ANGEL. <BR>my friend, is almost pro &amp; is sponsered <BR>by a bunch of people, told me to get the JETT <BR>board. i'm still a little iffy though. after <BR>i saw the ANGEL board, i immediately fell in <BR>love with it.. it seems like more my style. <BR>but let me know what you guys seem to think! <BR>thanks -- CH3L

wkgrl 08-07-2007 3:30 PM

Chel- <BR>i ride a 134 angel and LOVE it! it is super light has nice pop and carves <i>really</i> nicely.

wake_nurse 08-08-2007 5:39 PM

Actually, it's my LF Angel, I let wkgrl ride it as well! <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>Great board, very quick and responsive, cuts through the wake far better than the HL Diva 134 I have as well. <BR> <BR>Good luck!}

wakejunkie 08-08-2007 7:02 PM

I too have an LF Angel and love it. The guys were trying to tell me to get the Jett as well. They are much better riders than I and stuck with my instinct. Get what you want and what you think will work best for you. If you can't decide see if you can demo the Jett since you have already tried the Angel

polhamus 08-08-2007 10:13 PM

They both ride very different. I love my jett. Just got rid of the team which is the Angel just different graphics. The angel is fast, the jett is slow, the angel spins fast, if your looking for 180's and 3's. I dont know be very careful. they are different beasts. but I like slow into the wake so I have time to think of popping. THe angel is fast.

criswb 08-13-2007 8:15 AM

does your friend have the jett? Why is he/she recommending it to you? Have you tried the angel? Why do you think its more your style? <BR>If you can, demo. i have the jett and I love it. Ive also tried the angel, which is good, but like Kim, I prefer slower into the wake.

kryko 09-19-2007 8:49 PM

i am in the same situation, im trying to decide between the two, i definently want something with good pop and soft landings, but im not one for a ton of speed....does the jett carve easily??

aliw2w 09-20-2007 9:26 AM

I have the angel and love it. It fast and it cuts good too. I have have been demoing gator desire. Its just like the jett. Super stable.. The desire is not as fast as the angle what I like at times but it has really good pop off the water what i like a whole lot. Also too I like how stable the desire is too. <BR> <BR>Krystina the jett will have a softer landing because its double concave. That double concave gives you a better landing. The jett wont be as fast at the angel. It will have good pop off the water. If I was you I wouldn't go with the angel then just because it is a fater board.

kryko 09-20-2007 10:36 AM

does the jett still carve pretty easily, cuz the board i have now (obrien oasis) you have to work pretty harve to simply carve...and what about the lf melissa in comparision to the jett? ( i think im more inbetween those two now)

aliw2w 09-20-2007 4:22 PM

Yea jett will carve really good too. Oh yea your going to want to up grade from the oasis. The oasis is a nice beginner board. Thats why your working so hard on your cutting. I really dont no a whole lot of the melissa. What i have heard was that its between ride like both boards.

kryko 09-20-2007 5:55 PM

what about the obrien skyla???

aliw2w 09-21-2007 7:30 AM

I havent road the skyla yet but what i have heard from other people is rides like jett.

criswb 09-25-2007 7:52 AM

I have tried both and i prefer the jett. both are excellent boards, but the reason why i went with the jett is that it is not a very fast board if you dont want it to be. it gives me more time to set up for hitting the wake. Its not super easy to edge in it as the melissa, but once you get the hang of it youll be able to control it pretty well, also control how fast you want to edge, with the angel i felt like every time i was going too fast for my liking. the landings are super soft and it has lot of vertical pop. <BR>hope that answers some of your q's. if you want any more info you can pm me

sonironi 09-25-2007 8:20 PM

I have the Angel as well. 130. I love it. so easy for me to learn on as well as grow with. light weight and I feel comfortable. so many boards to choose from <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0>. if you haven't decided already, can you demo the Angel?

kryko 09-26-2007 6:41 AM

I know if you go on LF's website they have a list of shops that allow you to demo them

flyingshrimp 01-11-2008 10:48 AM

jett. <BR>its basically the cadence. <BR>and i love the cadence.

turbonine 01-21-2008 1:42 PM

The Jett is the mens Witness board with different graphics. I ride the Witness, my girlfriend rides the Jett and all my friends ride my board. The Jett/Witness shape is really nice.

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