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bowrider 08-01-2007 5:36 PM

Currently have a Chaparral 260 bowrider and it's too big to pull tubes and ski behind. Looking for an "all around" boat that has the size, can tube and play as well as comfortable for family. Any recommendations? Looking at Mastercraft but not sure. Help!

wakereviews 08-01-2007 6:12 PM

i rode in an '07 X45 last night and it was the best wake i've ever ridden. Which isn't many but would include x2 (picklefork), Nautique '06 220, 00-06 210 and 211. It is personal opinion of course but if I could have any boat right now, that is what i would get. We had 6 in it last night and there was TONS of room. Fantastic boat.

bowrider 08-01-2007 7:11 PM

Does it handle choppy water ok? Concern going from a big BR.

wakereviews 08-01-2007 7:32 PM

not sure, we had only butter the entire time i was out... can't help there.

aces6692 08-01-2007 7:37 PM

the x 45 handles the chop great, it has a nice shape and size wake for wakeboarding, small and soft for skiing, not sure about tubing, and has plenty of room. great boat!

bowrider 08-01-2007 7:44 PM

low speeds tubing - any issues plaining? there's not one close to test.

mim3 08-01-2007 8:45 PM

Hey Charlie, X-45 owner here. I adjust the trim to drop the nose all the way down. This makes the wake a bit smaller and easier to get the heavier tubes (doubles/triples) outside. Single tubes no problem with big or small wake. <BR> <BR>The 45 can handle chop, but you can get water over the bow if you are not moving and are hit with a large wave.

bowrider 08-01-2007 8:53 PM

Mike -Thanks. Sounds like a great all around boat. Hoping to test one soon. Kids are young and really don't think I need the X so considering the maristar as well. Seems like either typically comes with tower, etc.

oaf 08-01-2007 9:02 PM

My suggestion is Demo, Demo and Demo. I looked at many boats and did demo rides in many rides. I ended up with a Tige RZ2. I do all of my boating near Havasu and the ability to handle rough water was a must and the Tige has shined. It has a ton of room and is rated for 15 people. No ballast to worry about and unless you are a very serious wakeboarder you don't need it with this boat. I checked out the X-30 (X-45 was out of my price range) and I was not happy with the handling and performance of the X-30. I also checked out the Malibu LSV and Supra 24 gravity games. They are all nice boats. Try them all and you will find one that suites YOU the best.

mim3 08-01-2007 9:03 PM

The best is to test and see if it is a good fit for your family Good luck.

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