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crsare 08-01-2007 1:18 PM

My daughter is just starting the sport. She is 15 and wants to buy her own board. We have no idea what to look for in boards, boots, bindings etc. Please help us find a starting point.

craig_riddle 08-01-2007 3:24 PM

A little more background. She went out last week behind my Mobius LSV. She was able to get up and ride within the wake and also go out to the heel side. The boat had a lot of ballast so she couldn't quite get back over the wake once she got out. She seems quite athletic so I assume she will progress fairly rapidly. <BR> <BR>She was riding an old O'brien Suspect 136ish. She only weighs about 110 lbs., so both of the board and binding were too big for her. I worry about her hurting an ankle with the wrong size bindings <BR> <BR>The board she likes, because of the graphics, is an advanced board ( 2006, 133 Liquid Force PS3 ). There is a used one on ebay she may bid on. <BR> <BR>What are some opinions on learning on an advanced board? I would hate to see her get a cheap board and outgrow it and I'm not sure if learning on an advanced board would be a problem. <BR> <BR>I also wasn't sure what to recommend for bindings. I just try to guide her away from getting something too cheap and look for a good deal on a decent quality boot. We have mostly been looking at items from last year to find good deals.

aliwake 08-01-2007 3:42 PM

I ride the PS3, and I love it! It may take her a little longer to get used to the board, but I actually think it's very user friendly, and would be a good choice. It a good shape with plenty of moulded fins so I think she'd be fine. <BR>All I can say re boots is go to a shop and get her to try them on!!!! Everyone likes something different, and each boot will suit her foot differently. I have LF Melissas, which are great, but getting the right size is crucial!

craig_riddle 08-01-2007 5:04 PM

Thanks, I think they are planning on going to the shop to try on boots this Saturday.

crsare 08-06-2007 7:55 PM

Thanks for the info. We went and tried on boots today. We decided to purchase LIQUID FORCE SPHYNX WAKEBOARD BINDINGS SMALL 5-7. It seems hard to decide what will be the best fit w/o actually using them. It's not like trying on a new pair of shoes. We lost the bid on the 2006, 133 Liquid Force PS3 in the last seconds, so we are still in the market for a board. Thanks for your input and thanks to Craig for taking her under his wing to help her get started. She's thrilled to have a new hobby!

blastmaster 08-07-2007 8:42 AM

My son is going to sell his Hyperlite 128 Belmont.Hit me with emial if youre interested. I'll get you pictures. <BR>Rick

sonironi 08-07-2007 9:17 PM

I'm 30, used to be very athletic until major broken leg a few years back. I wear a size 13.5 in kids shoes...100 lbs 4'8". My boyfriend got me a Liquid Force Angel board, 130 and I love it. it's light weight and I feel comfortable figuring out how to manuever it. the bindings, they're also liquid force and he was able to find some in kids sizes that worked. can't remember the exact type but they're white, and all lace up. with my very narrow heels, I feel very secure and dont' feel like I'm going to fly out of them. per what I've been told, it's good to have an intermediate board because as I progress and learn, I could "outgrow" a beginner's board. I love the equipment my boyfriend has gotten for me and feel comfortable learning. She's gonna grow more, so sounds like the binding you got will work well. I've also heard many other girls/women in the PDX area being very happy with the Angel board. I think it's great you're so supportive of your daughter and her new hobby!!!!

futurerx 08-09-2007 11:25 AM

i ride the sphynx--so comfortable! have her try the lf cadence board..great for beginner/intermediate riders and it should grow with her progress..find a boardshop in your area and demo as many boards as possible..last years board models are usually cheaper so if she finds something she likes before the season is over, it would be a great purchase next year!! keep her excited!

hgaugh 08-09-2007 12:04 PM

Demo demo demo... <BR> <BR>I ride a Diva and have ridden Hyperlite's Blur and Obrien's Atla. For a beginner board/intermediate the Diva has been a good ride for me.

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