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darinmg 07-31-2007 9:10 PM

Where is everyone getting their replacement yellow impellers for the jabsco water puppy? Which one did you get? There are quite a few options, and was wondering what everyone else's experience has been. <BR>Thanks.

watsoc 07-31-2007 9:24 PM

Get them from Mastercraft and I was quoted something like $12 per impeller when I called the local dealership here in AZ.

stevev210 07-31-2007 9:24 PM

Our mastercraft dealer sells them over here in AZ. I think there about $20 a piece.

ryand121 07-31-2007 9:32 PM

Got mine from the local MasterCraft dealer. They're a little pricey, but well worth it, especially when you forget to turn off a pump for a while...

fbroen 08-01-2007 6:37 AM

Yes the solve the binding problem. But they also have less suction power/are slower than the black ones, something to consider if you have piggy backed on your stock system for additional bags. We currently run yellow ones for back but black for belly/bow.

svfara 08-01-2007 6:59 PM

I switched to the yellow impeller and ended up stripping the inner hub (it's some composite material as opposed to metal on the black versions) <BR>It worked great for a week anyway. <BR> <BR>So I'm back to the black one for now...

malibu_monkey 08-02-2007 10:30 AM

what about the blue ones?

the_right_kind 08-02-2007 10:39 AM

I've got the blue ones in my boat. <BR>No problems and the fill speed seems to be about the same or even faster than the black ones because they work. <BR>The dealer I got mine through said the yellow ones are for solvents and the blue one for water.

K.B.C. 08-02-2007 12:00 PM

I switched to the yellow this year and have had no problems. They work much better than the black ones. Those use to bind up on me all of the time. When I switched them out I also lubed them with a bunch of petroleum jelly. Haven't noticed much of a slow down in fill times.

awf_axis 08-02-2007 12:08 PM

One other thing to consider. The 1 way flow valves (not sure of the "correct" name) should be checked for backflow. <BR> <BR>I noticed that it was taking longer and longer to fill my ballast, and subsequently, I was frying my impellers. (2002 X-Star) <BR> <BR>It dawned on me to plug the water exit holes one day, and wham, the ballast started filling faster. <BR> <BR>I found out that all 3 of the plastic 1 way valves were shot, and letting air back into the system. <BR> <BR>After a $30 trip to Lowes, I had them replaced and the system is like new. <BR> <BR>Dave

jsxstar 08-02-2007 12:26 PM

local MC dealer

bocephus 08-02-2007 12:28 PM

Century Marine, Mesa, AZ

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