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fsbiii 07-31-2007 9:47 PM

I have consistant blind 3 and blind 180 and I have no trouble landing blind so all the components are there but the five is just not happening, my problem is that I always land with too much weight on my right foot (i am left foot forward) and get pulled over the nose of the board, It doesn't hurt and the falls are really slow, I land the trick and then get slowly pulled over the nose of the board, I am at a complete loss here I don't know how to land these with weight on my back foot, Should I do a blind 3 spot the water and then do the last 180 or just do a continuous spin and spot the water at the end? <BR> ps: I'm trying these on axis.

wakedude83 08-24-2007 1:55 PM

Hey, there's probly not many people on here that can do these so I guess I'll try to help you even though I can't land it yet. I have had better luck making it one continuous spin, otherwise I'm not fast enough at spinning backside. I think you might be spinning off the wake too soon though. I started trying these with an indy grab and I've gotten a lot closer that way. I'd get it if I was better at landing wrapped. Holla back.

trevorcurry 08-25-2007 9:19 PM

Are you landing wrapped or are you passing the handle a second time?

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