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liquidforce21i 07-31-2007 11:01 AM

so im in the process of selling my 21i and looking to upgrade to something with a deeper hull but keep in mind i am a college student with only a bartending job in downtown buffalo so I cant just jump right into wakesetter, super airs, or x star payments...not even what some people are asking for the older ones. I have been looking into some of the sunsetters however and they look like a nice upgrade for me...what can you guys tell me about them? decent wake when weighted? consistent mechanical problems? any info will help, thank you

wake_pirate 08-01-2007 9:38 PM

I'd like to know too. I found 96 sunsetter & it looks like it might fit ny needs. Wake? ride quality? any info wiould help in the decision.

davidhep23 08-02-2007 6:30 AM

A friend of mine has one. Everyone can throw the same things behind his as they can behind my vlx. You have to try a little harder to get the same air, but we don't seem to have a problem. We use the wedge and 2-250lb. fat sacs. One in the bow and one in the back compartment. The only thing he's done is change a burned impeller out.

lanzo 08-02-2007 5:09 PM

I have a '95 and it is a great boat (same hull as the current I-Ride). <BR> <BR>Good wake when weighted. We usually run a few sacs and the wedge. The wake can get a little steep and have a lip on the top if you use the wedge and weight it heavily in the rear. If you want a rampy wake, just add more weight and don't use the wedge. <BR> <BR>Good slalom wake as well. <BR> <BR>The boats are pretty trouble free and from what I understand there is no wood in the floor. <BR> <BR>My only suggestion would be too look for something with the Monsoon engine, or at least EFI... <BR> <BR>Here are some pics of ours... <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/484384.jpg" alt="Upload"><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/484385.jpg" alt="Upload">

srock 08-03-2007 2:37 PM

I have an 01. It has a great all around wake and terrific handling but you do have to put some weight into the boat for a larger wake. It's not a VLX.

liquidforce21i 08-04-2007 5:41 AM

thanks guys that helps a lot

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