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cincynautique 07-30-2007 9:31 AM

Attention anyone who has purchased a Simer Pump Model BW8512...where did you purchase? On-line retailer? <BR> <BR>Thanks in advance.

dcooper 07-30-2007 11:44 AM

BE Atlas out of Chicago. Call Simer and they will give you dealers or order them from Home Depot, no shipping if you pick them up at the store. Home Depot sells them under another brand for big box stores.

sbt3 07-30-2007 12:40 PM

I actually just went to menards today and they can order them for $103 but there was like a 30 day lead time on them. I also talked to the guys at simer and they said Sears carrys them too. Isn't the part number BW85P that you want?

phat_in_cincy 07-30-2007 1:47 PM

BW8512 is the Simer pump only part #. There is a part # that is a pump kit. It comes with pump, hose, extra impeller, etc...? Not sure what that part # is, but it might be cheaper to get the pump kit since it comes with the extra impeller rather than getting the pump and extra impeller separately. Check it out. <BR>I second B.E. Atlas. I sent you their phone # in a reply to your WSR PM to me. <BR>Take care, <BR>Paul <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/482528.jpg" alt="Upload">

dcooper 07-31-2007 1:51 PM

$60-70 AT be AtLAS, don't pay $103.

sbt3 07-31-2007 2:59 PM

I think you are right that the BW85P comes with the extra impeller and hose. Obviously I don't need the hose but the impeller is nice for a backup. Anyone know the impeller number to order from Be Atlas.

gmarkham1 08-01-2007 6:47 AM

Stan... I think I have a few laying around I can get to you!

sbt3 08-01-2007 7:58 AM

gordon- I'll give you a call later to see what you have.

dnice 08-01-2007 8:03 AM

Does anyone have any worries with those pumps not being ignition protected?

gmarkham1 08-01-2007 8:26 AM

Stan, <BR>I looked around and couldnt find them... I will do another check when i have time... In the meantime... <BR>Here is a link to the impeller kit A270 <BR><a href="http://www.abtecparts.com/commerce/search/products/?product_id=03XSIa270&amp;merchant_id=1933" target="_blank">http://www.abtecparts.com/commerce/search/products/?product_id=03XSIa270&amp;merchant_id=1933</a> <BR> <BR>and the parts list from the simer manual...

gmarkham1 08-01-2007 8:27 AM

<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/483593.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>a quick search found this site to be the cheapest <BR>http://fiscodirect.com/product_info.php?cPath=7500_7878&amp;products_id=4 26555&amp;osCsid=5140a4d9b201966a0201ad17a8f6b790 <BR> <BR>(Message edited by gmarkham1 on August 01, 2007)

whirli_7 08-01-2007 9:05 AM

What capacities does this pump have? Gallons per hour.

sbt3 08-01-2007 10:44 AM

Gordon- Thanks, I have one coming this week but I was looking for another backup incase one of my others went bad. <BR> <BR>Dustin- I don't really worry about the ignition thing. Mine are mounted up high in the engine compartment and the gas fumes settle to the bottom. You could always mount them out of the compartment under a seat or something if you are really worried about it. <BR> <BR>Steve- I think they are around 600gph rated.

mechmaster 08-01-2007 2:40 PM

From the picture of the box in comes in above: <BR>8.5 GPM = 510 GPH

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