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want2ridealot 07-28-2007 11:51 PM

I was wondering how everybody weighted their pre 05 VLX. Our set up is 400 in each locker, 500 stock in ski locker, and 200 up front in lead. O and we use the wedge too. I wouldn't mind having a smoother transition but still have the about the same steepness. I have not been able to really experiment with it because it is Dad's boat. I will post some pics when I get them.

want2ridealot 07-29-2007 5:40 PM


want2ridealot 07-30-2007 7:40 PM

no one

tracktor 07-30-2007 9:52 PM

500 in each locker <BR>400 in ski locker <BR>400 on walkway (probably a bit less bag is squeezed) <BR>200 lead in nose <BR>No wedge <BR> <BR>I would try no wedge. It adds the lip at the top from my experience.......

batman 07-31-2007 8:08 PM

Tracktor has the setup. I had an 02 and 04 VLX and usually did not use the wedge.

g_miller 08-01-2007 9:02 AM

98 Sunsetter VLX <BR>750's in rear lockers <BR>4 or 500 in ski locker <BR>750 from walkway to rear <BR>160 lead in nose <BR>no wedge <BR>3 to 4 people. <BR> <BR>If we have more people we put less or no weight in the walkway.

g_miller 08-01-2007 9:05 AM

Sweet boat tracktor. What year is it?

slipknot 08-01-2007 9:11 AM

Heres is what I ran in the 2001 WSVLX: <BR> <BR>750's in the rear, center MLS (400), and 300 lbs of lead in bow no wedge. <BR> <BR>The 2004 WSVLX is running the wedge <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>, 400's in the rear, center MLS (400), 300 lead in the bow. I am switching to the ProX 700's for the rear since I just won a $1000 gift certificate from the NMMA.

08-01-2007 9:16 AM

I had stock ballast in the back which was 400 pounds if I remember correctly. 500 center ballast stock. about 200 in each locker. Around another 400 or 500lbs or so in the front of the boat and the wedge.

tracktor 08-01-2007 10:38 AM

Greg, it's a '98 also. Thanks for the compliment. Yours is looking good too. <BR> <BR>As a side not, I switched to an OJ 475 prop with excellent results weighted &amp; unweighted........

g_miller 08-01-2007 11:19 AM

I just switched to an Acme 1235. HUGE difference! <BR> My top end is about 42 now but who cares, I never drive much faster than 30 anyway.

juiced4ever 08-01-2007 12:05 PM

I had on 02 vlx and this is what i stuffed in it. <BR>I put 250 in lead on top of the 250 ballast tanks on each side of the motor <BR>fill the center sac which is 400-500 pounds <BR>i had a 2 440 lb sacks on the floor one in the walk way and one infront of the rear seat. <BR>And a 350 up front. <BR>No wedge (broke to many of them) plus the boat drives better with out it. All in all it is a solid wake.

wake175m5 08-01-2007 8:47 PM

we are in a 2001 air <BR>440 each locker <BR>750 on the floor against the back seat <BR>600 under the floor in the ski locker <BR>6 or 650 in the bow <BR> <BR>we havent messed around with it much,,,what do people think?

08-01-2007 9:28 PM

Here is the wake at 70 feet back at 24.7 mph. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/483987.jpg" alt="Upload">

want2ridealot 08-02-2007 12:08 AM

Today we rode behind our 02 VLX. With 400 in each locker, 500 center, 200 lead and 9 people and the wake was the biggest I've seen it. Rod 24.7!! We have never had to go that fast, who much weight did you have. We usually go 22.5 or 23 with people.

want2ridealot 08-02-2007 12:09 AM

O has anybody tried putting a bigger sack in the locker?

g_miller 08-02-2007 4:38 AM

Ren, <BR>The sack I have in the locker will hold around 6 to 700# but the locker will only hold 4 to 500#.

dtb 08-02-2007 7:29 AM

2000 VLX - I run the factory MLS in the ski locker, 600's in the back, and put another 600 in the walkway, but it doesn't fill all the way (maybe 400 lbs), beyond that its just the more people the better. I'm thinking I need a new prop. Greg, is the ACME 1235 the way to go?

08-02-2007 1:48 PM

Ren, I discribed it in the above post. You may not ride that fast but you are also more than likely not 300 lbs like me either lol. I have since sold the boat, but, I have towed every kind of rider from kids to pros. The advanced guys all ride fast and long than I have been around. I used to ride at 23.7 but my board would sink a bit. I finally took the speed up to where I can be riding directly behind the boat and I can actually pull on the handle and my board will advance forward. If you are riding slow enough that the board is sunk then you will not be able to advance the board without pulling on it like a tug of war. That is my start point and that is around 24.5 to get to that point. That allows my board to have crisp edge to edge response and do things like little ollie blind 180's in the flats and things like that. SOmetimes if I have not rode in awhile I will ride at 23.7 to get my sea legs back. So, that is how I approach it anyway.

tracktor 08-02-2007 3:30 PM

Rod, you bring up an interesting point about speed. This may not be on topic, but....I have my VLX and my Buddy has an '05 X-2. We weight them pretty close poundage wise, placement is a bit different. We ride at 24 behind the X-2 and 22.5 behind my vLX, GPS verified. If we ride 24 behind mine it seems way fast and vise versa with his. Just thought that it was interesting how different hulls effect ride.........

08-02-2007 5:43 PM

You may be getting influenced by wake width or something. Can imagin that the same GPS speed with different boat can affect you. Usually with a wake width difference I change line lengths because speed is speed with my board sinking or not. You may have verified speed running normal speeds with the boat plained out but when boarding the boat is not plained. THat will affect the water running over the speedos and can change calibration. I have not verified that but I can see that as a possibility.

g_miller 08-02-2007 7:05 PM

DTB, Yea, the 1235 is the best thing I've ever done to my boat.It seems a little expensive but its well worth it. propellersonline.com is the cheapest place to get it.

dtb 08-03-2007 5:50 AM

Thanks Greg. I haven't done much research on props, is the 1235 going to be the same diameter as my factory prop? I only have about 1/4 inch of clearance from the trailer prop guard as is....

ord27 08-03-2007 7:53 AM

mine still clears the prop gaurd on the trailer <BR> <BR>I have a Dorsey trailer <BR> <BR>it does seem a little closer, but haven't had any issues

greg2 08-05-2007 2:56 PM

I have a larger sack in my locker and it is only around 400 lbs on the scale.

05mobiuslsv 08-05-2007 10:07 PM

Greg Boarditup.com has the 1235 cheaper than propellars online fyi..

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