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polhamus 07-28-2007 10:58 AM

How is the ankle support on these? too much? anyone riding on them?

criswb 07-28-2007 2:03 PM

its very very good. The only thing is that you have to get the one that really fits you well. I am a size 7.5-8 and I fit better in the 5-7 than in the 7-8 because i have a thin foot

luciefer 07-30-2007 10:37 AM

I'm a size 7.5-8 too, so I bought the 5-7 because I thought it will be better to get something really tight. The support is really good, but I can't wear them more than 20 minutes because they really hurt my feet on the top of the bone. So, just check that you're comfortable with the height space of the binding.

criswb 07-30-2007 10:27 PM

have you tried stretching them a bit? I used to have that problem with some minx that i bought. I put cola bottles in them for a day and they were perfect. but you know, 20 mins before cramping is actually a good fit. my last 2 bindings i've had and loved were like that, then they started molding to my feet and they were perfect. takes some time though, my transits i got in march still cramp after 30 mins!

aliwake 07-30-2007 11:02 PM

The Melissas are actually supposed to have the heat mouldable liner (apparently), though nobody says much about it and I haven't seen any reliable instructions about how to do it! <BR>Maybe just try wearing them in a hot bath for a while and seeing if that helps?

criswb 07-31-2007 7:15 AM

Yes they do... i dont know about the hot bath thing, though. they're supposed to mold to your feet as you use them, so they recommend you not lending your bindings to anyone else. i actually think that way of moulding is more accurate than the oven thing, cause what if you moved when you're moulding them?

ghostrider_2 09-07-2007 2:09 PM

are any of you riding her board? looking at getting it for my wife.

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