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naptownwake 07-25-2007 9:26 AM

I've got access to a tramp, but I'm not sure about how to handle the rope. <BR> <BR>should I have someone on the ground holding the other end? should they be pulling the whole time to simulate line tension? <BR> <BR>I also thought about tying a bungee cord to the other end of the rope and attaching the bungee to a tree, this way I wouldn't get slack, but the rope would be constantly stretching. <BR> <BR>any thoughts?

bflat53212 07-25-2007 9:31 AM

"should I have someone on the ground holding the other end?" <BR> <BR>Lol...sorry Jack, but that would be classic!!! If you do this, please get video of it. <BR> <BR>Just tie a rope/handle off to a tree or a hook on the side of a house/garage. Their really is no good way to simulate the line tension you get from a boat, except for jumping a away from the handle when you are on the trampoline.

ronnyboy27 07-25-2007 10:11 AM

I try to jump from the seated position with the handle in the center of the trampoline.

bbking 07-25-2007 9:23 PM

don't hook the rope to anything, haha thats about as much good as having your friend holding it... <BR> <BR>tie it to a tree, we got lucky, we tied our made rope around a tree, and if we want a "tower" we hook it up to the cut off branch sticking up about 3 feet higher <BR> <BR>the "tower" really helps on raleys though (on the tramp, i can't actually do raleys)

trevorcurry 07-25-2007 11:49 PM

If you can, try to set the trampoline up on a slight slope. Have it sloping away from wherever the rope is connected, that way, as you jump the rope is constantly tight. Just dont put it at an extreme slope so you bounce off all the time.

player138 07-26-2007 11:37 PM

me and my friends do use bungee cords. we taped two of them together so it isn't a ton of tension pulling on the handle, but it definitely feels more realistic. i think that the slope thing sounds like a good idea too, but if you dont have a slope try the bungee cords for a similar effect. it really just comes down to what you find helps you learn tricks better for once you're out on the water, so mess around with different tricks with the line until you find something that helps you progress better. that's just my .02

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