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ladythump 07-20-2007 8:05 PM

I saw a bag in Wakeboarding Magazine that carries all your camera equipment + a laptop. I thought it was made by Liquid Force but I couldn't find anything on their website. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

wcr 07-20-2007 8:16 PM

Try the OGIO ATIBA backpack

ladythump 07-20-2007 8:53 PM

Nope... not it.

wcr 07-20-2007 9:08 PM

<a href="http://stores.ebay.com/Evogear-com-Seattle-WA_SNOW-ACCESSORIES_W0QQcolZ4QQdirZQ2d1QQfsubZ11759035QQft idZ2QQpZ3QQtZkm" target="_blank">http://stores.ebay.com/Evogear-com-Seattle-WA_SNOW-ACCESSORIES_W0QQcolZ4QQdirZQ2d1QQfsubZ11759035QQft idZ2QQpZ3QQtZkm</a> <BR> <BR>this should be the one!

wink_vlx 07-24-2007 5:17 PM

Try Dakine!

Walt 07-24-2007 6:34 PM

Ronia, <BR>Yes it's made by LF. My buddy has one but I don't really care for it. Take a look at the Dakine sequence back pack.

ladythump 07-24-2007 8:34 PM

Why don't you like it Walt? I already have a LowePro "backpack" style bag for my camera gear. I don't think it would be for every day use. I don't carry my laptop around too often. I think it's only $20 online too. I'll check the sequence. Thanks.

Walt 07-24-2007 8:44 PM

It has a cheap light weight feel to it. <BR> <BR>I don't like the way it's laid out and there's not enough padding to protect the gear. <BR> <BR>It's very limited to what you could hold as far as camera gear. <BR> <BR>I guess if your looking for something compact and light weight it might be ok.

peter_c 07-26-2007 11:42 AM

I have the Dakine Sequence pack. Ordered it on a Thursday, then proceeded to break my leg on Saturday. Since I am just starting to walk again, it might be a while before I have a chance to truly test it out. Depending on what you own camera wise, there may or may not be enough space. The camera block is removable. The pack itself does not have a lot of space, and is not designed for a Camel Back bladder. My laptop just fits, which is an IBM T41. The T41 is pretty thin. The things I like are the fact that it is a real backpack designed to be worn during extreme sports (Snowboarding/mountain bike riding) or hiking. The camera block can easily be taken in the car. The bag does not scream CAMERA please steal me! It is not a huge bag, so it is less obtrusive. <BR> <BR>The Dakine Ridge does not come with the camera block, but will hold one, as it is very similar to the Sequence. <BR> <BR>Burton also makes a camera bag. <BR> <BR>Edit: Crumpler makes some nice stuff too. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by Peter_C on July 26, 2007)

ladythump 07-26-2007 9:50 PM

Thanks guys. I'll have to do more research on the other models.

outdoor2extrm 08-22-2007 8:30 AM

I carry my laptop, iPod and camera in OtterBox cases. They are seriously amazing. Here is the website to check them out <a href="http://www.otterbox.com" target="_blank">www.otterbox.com</a> oh and here are some sweet pictures to check out too <a href="http://www.planetotterbox.com" target="_blank">www.planetotterbox.com</a> there is one of me up using my iPod case!

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