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drwakeair 07-19-2007 9:28 PM

So I have started learning toeside frontside 540s. I decided to try them because every time I go for a 360 my tail swings around a little after I pass the handle, even after stalling out in the air before the pass. I can complete the rotation every time and I am able to get my front hand on the handle. <BR> <BR>The place I mess up is the landing. On about half of my landings I will come down with my chest a little over my toes even though the spin is on axis. I have had the wind knocked out me several times and would greatly like this to stop. Any help would be great so that I don't get the wind knocked out of me too many more times and become scared of the trick. <BR> <BR>Oh, also my "male region" gets slapped on this trick sometimes too. I don't want that to happen ever again.

kingskrew 07-19-2007 10:37 PM

I <b>strongly</b> suggest you have a solid TSFS 360 before learning the 5. You'll learn to spot your landing properly and get a good feel for the handle pass. <b>After</b> learning and becoming consistent on the TSFS 360, then just pull a little harder to initiate the spin, spot your landing, it helps to pass the handle in front of you again to what will now be your front hand, and get the board beneath you. <BR> <BR>It sounds cliche, but it's really just like taking 2 tricks you should have solid (TSFS 360 and TSFS 180) and putting them together. Good luck! <BR> <BR>-Steve

liquidmx 07-20-2007 12:30 AM

I agree with steve, and personally tsfs 3's are REALLY fun! Its more like a ts fs 180 then a switch hs bs 180 at the end. They are super fun to float out! I would say ts fs 3's are more fun than ts fs 5's IMHO.

alanp 07-20-2007 3:43 PM

good points. learning the 3 will teach you to set your axis for your 5 which you are having problems doing now. for the ts 3 just spin 180 on the way up and 180 on the way down. simple trick. take a few ts 180's and learn to complete the 180 by the time you have reached the peak of the jump. once you get this down just add the last 180. remember to look behind the boat for the landing. if you try to spot the shore you'll spin out on your butt(overrotate)

wakebordr11 07-23-2007 8:19 PM

^ exactly what alan said, reason you are slipping out on t/s 3s is you are continuing to look around. Also what I do to facilitate not over rotating is a pass the handle just as I am about to land and I spot the wake near my toes and look behind me as I land. It is very important to do this late handle pass unless you can land in the wrapped position (I find it hard to do this) so look backwards, late pass and keep your head up, I've found you can under rotate these sometimes too and still pull them off if you touch down tail first. Get good handle control with the t/s3 and the 5 will come easy(er), how I did it anyways...

kickflip_mj 08-01-2007 4:59 PM

ok so i never learned tsfs 360 but i have a consitant 540 now. after learning the five the 360 was simple to do. basicaly just focuse on your pop of the wake first, stall in the air the enitiate the fronsdie 5, it will come around. if you dont wait till your in the air first you will eat crap hard, face plant etc. not very fun. just keep at it.

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