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college 07-11-2007 7:47 PM

so right now I've got my 180's and heelside 3's and backroll, but I really would like to start learning a toeside invert now to keep myself balanced. Just wondering what everyone here thinks is a good first flip to try toeside. Thinking about it, I would guess a frontroll would be what I am most comfortable with. I thought about toeside backroll as well but Im much more comfortable doing frontflips than back flips on a tramp. Thanks for the tips!

eliotflydog 07-12-2007 9:12 PM


wakeboardlf25 07-12-2007 9:54 PM

toeside backroll is probably the easiest to rotate but hard to land because u want to unwind in mid air....scarecrow was my first toeside invert because of the easy landing

pittsy 07-12-2007 10:25 PM

just like trent said, the backroll is an easy rotation but the landing is harder because its easy to over rotate.

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