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wakeboarder46 07-10-2007 6:45 PM

i need help on doing board grabs. i can clear the wake and when im in the air i just cant let go. any tips on how to practice before in the air?? <BR> <BR>any advice???

wondermike 07-10-2007 7:50 PM

you could try one handed ollies and then start grabbing the ollies. Once you have that do your W2W jumps and start letting go with on hand or the other. Try a few landings with one hand. Just in case you grab late and land one handed. Once you have that down. Start off with a tail grab and then an indy. Those are the two easiest grabs imo.

wakeboarder46 07-10-2007 8:59 PM

to ollie u do it like a skateboard right

wondermike 07-10-2007 9:38 PM

pretty similar push your back foot down to start the pop.

wakeboarder46 07-10-2007 11:10 PM

alright kool thanks ill try it this weekend and let u know how it goes

ronnyboy27 07-11-2007 8:41 AM

Once your wake2wake jumps are consistant jump the wake and bring the board up to you. don't bend down to grab it. this will get you off axis and pull you over the front of the board. Also I think it is easier to start with back hand grabs.

tobs2 07-11-2007 10:16 AM

Well this is an area that I think I can help out with...since I can do most every grab wake to wake.......well for me when I was learning them like some of the others have posted here....I started by getting really comfortable riding around , carving and cruising with one hand on the handle......then I started doing one wake little ollie's or pops and trying to do them one handed....and then try to grab the board......INDY GRABS are the simplest to do at first ....they are grabbing the board in the middle front in between your feet with your right hand .......you need to keep the rope in close for control and most important is to get used to bringing the board up to you .....when you jump not bending over or leaning over to grab it.....you need to bend your knees and bring it up to you....that will make all grabs soooooo much easier.......I even practiced at first when I was on land or on the back of the boat with my board on before I got in the water I would grab different parts of the board and get used to grabbing it and how it feels plus you can practice them on a tramp with a tramp board and that helps alot too if you have access to one..... Tobin

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