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tobs2 07-10-2007 3:40 PM

I have a tramp at home and have been playing around a bit in the tramp to learn this trick.....any advice on the best way to learn it on a tramp....and then best advice to learn it and or do it on the water without recking myself!! LOL!!! I have been told to try it on a wakeskate as well...I have one but does not seem like it would help that much....but I could be wrong........Do I need to stand tall off the wake all the way up the wake? how much line tension do I need.....how far do I need to cut out? Should I edge all the way up the wake? Ect.......juts few of the several questions I have before I start taking them to the water.....thanks ahead of time to anyones help on this so I can learn without blowing myself up!!! LOL!! Tobin .....p.s, I own the book and higher learning DVDs and they give some good info but not enough!!

amber_nicole 07-11-2007 9:24 AM

hey check your e-mail!

garret_s 07-11-2007 1:03 PM

I've heard riding a short rope (45 ft) @ 16 mph, and trying raleys really helps. You don't feel crashes at all, and its a really easy to to get started with them on the water.

trevorcurry 07-14-2007 1:24 AM

i might try that ^ sounds like it might help

trex 07-19-2007 5:57 AM

with a raley it's all or nothin. Charge the wake hard pop hard and let your hips out behind you..your legs will follow. When you feel the handle being pulled away from you pull it to your feet. Your gonna crash and there gonna hurt..i still crash them and it still hurts, not as bad as learnin them tho

fsbiii 07-31-2007 8:27 PM

I know it sounds ridiculous but if you do a raley right it is honestly one of the easiest tricks in wakeboarding, doing a raley on the water is completely different from doing one on the tramp. If you try to jump up and then kick youre legs out like on a tramp you'll never get the board back under you. Male sure to stand super tall while you cut in, don't crouch at all. Think about youre whole body being stiff and leaning away from the boat (bend your knees a little bit if you have to but not much), also cut as hard as possible, as Tye said above it's all or nothing, and the nothing part hurts. The main thing is to really cut through the wake, don't back off at all. If you cut correctly for this trick the you don't even have to do any work to get the board behind you and pulling it back down will be almost effortless. Also when I was learning these I was told to look down the rope at where the rope attaches to the tower when I left the wake, this helps to keep from freaking out in the middle of the trick because you're not looking down thinking about how much it's gonna hurt if you let go. start as far out as you want just what ever you do don't back off the cut and for goodness sake don't ever, ever flatten off b4 you hit the wake on this or you will be in a world of hurt. Let us know how it goes. Good Luck.

tobs2 08-01-2007 10:01 AM

Well thanks alot for the advice Trip any help is appreciated.....I have been being told alot of things like try it on a wakeskate first.....try it on a short rope 55ft. and slower speed so the falls are not as hard......and on my tramp I can get the handle down and my legs up behind me but it is hard to get laid out like I need to be....I have been practicing on the tramp to look like I am looking at the tower or boat and not stargaze or look down like I know not to do......but I can not get it really dialed right on the tramp so have not tried it yet on the water...... Thanks!! Tobin

jwr 08-01-2007 2:13 PM

Is the edge kind of like a back roll where you edge away from the boat at the top? just faster?

romes 08-03-2007 10:37 AM

tobin...you just gotta commit to it...i know it sounds dumb but visualize it a few thousand times in your head and then just bust it outta no where in one of your sets...try not to over think it just KNOW you can stomp it ( i think this applies to all tricks)...if you approach it like you know what youre doin and you know you can do it then you'll stomp it...100% confidence

fsbiii 08-05-2007 7:30 PM

don't really need to think about edging away from the boat so much as cutting as hard as possible straight through the wake with equal weight on both feet (to prevent stargazing)

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