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wakebordr11 07-10-2007 12:26 PM

So I've been trying to find old threads but haven't found a whole lot, what are peoples opinions/overall knowledge regarding the spray pockets on tiges? I have a 99 21i and have been toying with the idea of filling them. Is there anyway that would hold up for say a half hour that was not permanent? Obviously trial and error with fiberglassing and gelcoating and then possibly having to revert to a former design is not cost prohibitive or effective. Has anyone filled them on a 21i? Just seems like if theres too much weight in the back I need to go too fast to make it worth it... not the best boat for wakeboarding but it gets the job done I guess... any opinions or suggestions? <BR> <BR>Duane

hamkj 07-10-2007 12:39 PM

Duane <BR> <BR>1 - Mask off the entire spray pocket. <BR>2 - Lightly spray glue the area and put some fleece or cloth on to the glue. <BR>3 - Apply resin to cloth and let harden. <BR>4 - Remove the cloth... and you should be left with a hardened mold of the spray pocket. <BR>5 - Fill with spray foam.. and then you can play with different shapes etc... <BR> <BR>As for temporary afixing to the boat... hmmm... I would used caulking... and then maybe some vinyl sign material on the edges. <BR> <BR>Try different things out and see what you get... <BR> <BR>Keep in mind... <BR> <BR>New X-Star and Moomba XLV chose to keep spray pockets... don't know why... <BR> <BR>There was a post on here a couple of years ago.. a guy with the Fox Racing edition 21V filled in the pockets and added 300lbs+ bonus!

wakebordr11 07-10-2007 12:52 PM

wow informative post! thanks, didn't think about vinyl for going over the temporary material, as that stuff sticks great and is thinner than say duct tape. I may try it sometime this summer I just imagine the hydrodynamic forces on the corners like that have got to be tremendous, especially considering the surface area I would be adding to the hull bottom...

hamkj 07-10-2007 1:03 PM

Any idea what would happen if you had a form protruding out the side of the boat and was curved downwards... so as you move the boat forward... water would grab and suck the back end down... <BR> <BR>Who knows... things to play with!

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