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laraujo 07-10-2007 11:42 AM

I have the following <BR>03 Launch 22 SS direct drive <BR>800 lbs factory ballast <BR>4 blade prop (13 pitch I think) <BR>320 hp Indmar Marine <BR> <BR>With ballast at 20-22mph I am taching appox +3000 rpm <BR> <BR>IS THIS NORMAL? What does your setup do? please post!

liquidmx 07-10-2007 11:47 AM

00 vlx, monsoon motor, 2200lbs of ballast, 3 male passengers and one rider, full tank of gas, acme 537 prop, approx 24 mph, 3200 rpms.

siuski 07-10-2007 11:47 AM

06 21V <BR>1800+lbs <BR>14.5x14 4-bld (stock wb prop dims I think) <BR>325 assult <BR> <BR>23 mph 3200 rpm <BR> <BR>Was also in a 220 not too long ago with 1500-2000lbs and it was running 3500 rpm+ at 23. Don't know the prop

madison_boarder 07-10-2007 12:10 PM

1981 Nautique with 1200 pounds of ballast and 4 passengers + 1 rider at 24 mph = 2800-2900 rpm. <BR> <BR>unweighted at 24 = 2400 rpm. <BR> <BR>Kind of a different situation I know, but I thought I'd add. though I won't tell you the fuel use, I might make you guys with your nice big V-drives mad ;-) (I want a V-Drive someday too)

luchog 07-10-2007 12:44 PM

Brian, what prop are you running in you 81? <BR> <BR> <BR>What's important is not only the RPM's while pulling, but also how much the tach climbs when you hit it. More RPMs mean more horse power developed, so better whole shot.

jhebert 07-10-2007 12:55 PM

98 air nautique, direct drive, 2000lb ballast, 23mph, 2900rpms

laraujo 07-10-2007 1:11 PM

Nautique guys (Jeremy and Brian) what kind of prop do you have?

hamkj 07-10-2007 1:12 PM

2004 Sky Supreme V220 <BR>6.2L Black Scorpion <BR>10.5 pitch 3 blade ACME. <BR>3000lbs ballast <BR>4-5 people <BR>22-23 mph. <BR>3300 rpms.

madison_boarder 07-10-2007 1:31 PM

You know what, I'm actually not sure what the prop is. I believe that it's actually the stock brass prop. It's a 3 blade and it's intended for skiing (1981=no wakeboarding yet). I think it's more of a speed prop, but hole shot is still fine, even with tandem riders and ballast in place. I will be looking to get a 4 blade at some point to up the rpms in the hole shot a bit and ease the load on the engine.

luchog 07-10-2007 2:41 PM

Brian, the CNC props recommended for our boats are the ACME 540 and 542 for heavy loads, I'm looking into one of those right now and want some feedback from someone who has tried them both. <BR> <BR>Could you send me a pic on your wake when loaded down?

bmartin 07-10-2007 4:33 PM

04 Centurion Lightning <BR> <BR>400lbs ballast + 3 people @ 20MPH = 2700-2800 RPMS <BR> <BR>1800lbs ballast + 3 pas @ 22MPH = 3000-3100 RPMs

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