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shawns_no_good 07-10-2007 9:37 AM

I'm still kinda new to wakeboarding, did a Lake Powell trip last year, and only a couple other days. I feel completely uncomfortable jumping off the toe side wake, any tips to get better at it, or is just something that will come with more riding time?

ronnyboy27 07-10-2007 11:13 AM

I ride alot and just can't seem to get any pop toeside. I just charge the wake and can usually get real close to going wake to wake. Every once and a while I'll clear the wake.

charman 07-10-2007 12:08 PM

search "toeside". i bet there are 1000 posts that give good info.

shawns_no_good 07-10-2007 2:02 PM

I looked way down on the trick tips page first and didn't see anything before I posted, and I just checked the archive search. There was a lot of good stuff there too, thanks looser.

charman 07-10-2007 2:39 PM

no prob, another good way to get help is a video or two. easy to see whats going on with a few seconds of vid

shawns_no_good 07-11-2007 6:41 AM


rivrrunr 07-11-2007 8:30 PM

hey if you want to get better at toeside, pick a spot on the horizon before you cut and look at that, cut hard and ride to that spot. most generally you will go where you look so if you're looking down, you're going down, works for me. when you cut in dont even look at the wake or your landing just focus on the spot you picked. once you do it a couple of times it'll feel better.

shawns_no_good 07-13-2007 8:22 AM

That sounds sensible. Kind of like riding dirtbikes, don't look at the turn, look at where you're going to be coming out of the turn. My problem is that when I hit the wake it feels like my board gets popped out from under me. Snowboarding this happens to me too sometimes if I'm holding a hs edge up a kicker so I just go off the jumps flat footed sort of. I can't really go through the wake without holding an edge though.

kottonm0uthking4 07-13-2007 11:14 AM

What I do is take a real slow turn in towards the wake and progressively lean more and more away from the boat. At the wake I make sure I am standing tall with my lead shoulder pointing towards the direction I will land. Im not crunched over or anything I just make sure that I get my self positioned... slowly. Next time you go out give that a shot

shawns_no_good 07-13-2007 11:30 AM

Ok, so instead of getting into a little bit of a crouch and popping at the top of the wake snowboard style, just kind of ease into the standing position as you get to the wake?

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