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derby 07-09-2007 7:46 PM

How many people adjusted their budget for boat payments after they bought there first new boat? <BR> <BR>I'm trying to hold back on some offers for new boats because they are a wee out of my range. <BR> <BR>I'm just wondering how many people have sold their almost new boat and upgraded because they wanted more and found a way to make it fit their budget. <BR> <BR>Or less even. <BR> <BR>What's another $50 a month? It's just another $50 unless you catch yourself saying it twice. Then it's a $100. And so on and so on... <BR> <BR>I guess that's why boats are going for over $70K now.

clearlakescott 07-09-2007 8:09 PM

I went the other way. I thought about a new boat and then realized that if I got a used one I could afford gas to ride 2 more days a week. Needless to say I got a 2 year old boat and rock it 4 to 6 days a week.

derby 07-09-2007 8:17 PM

Thanks for the input Scott. <BR> <BR>By the way, it looks like you need to floss those front teeth a little better. <BR> <BR>Do you eat jerky too on the boat?

nc05lsv 07-10-2007 4:37 PM

100 bucks a month over 15 years is some cake. I nearly did the same thing and then realized that i could upgrade my boat piece by piece over time as I had the money to do it. For me, I think it was the right choice. I have paid my boat off completely and now am just adding gizmos and gadgets.

extremeisaac 07-10-2007 6:41 PM

patrick, what didnt you like about your mobius?

clearlakescott 07-10-2007 9:14 PM

Derby, <BR> I am not sure as to what info you used to make your poor decision and or distasteful joke on my dental work. The CT scan shown is of my broken jaw that I got less then 4 weeks ago riding not siting in the hot tub like your lazy, over worked, wanting to buy new boat to make up for it ass.

derby 07-10-2007 10:07 PM

Easy kid! <BR> <BR>The only way to take a recovery is with some humor. Which it doesnt appear you have. Maybe you should lay off the meds for a while. <BR> <BR>By the way the hot tub was nice tonight!

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