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amber_nicole 07-09-2007 12:08 PM

i live in dandridge and was looking for a few pointers about how to start jumping the wake. how do you postion your legs and stuff.

tobs2 07-09-2007 2:34 PM

Well I have worked with many begginers on this and have found that it is alot like everyone here is saying.....you want to first get real good at popping of and or good ollie of one wake jumps....staying on edge all the way up the wake ....standing tall up the wake to harness the pop and keep the handle down.....then once you have got that down start out with a shorter length rope.....but not too short to where the wake is white washed or not good for pop....it depends alot on your boats wake and weight you have.....maybe like 65ft or so......start be seeing if you can come close to clearing wake to wake by only cutting 5 or 6 ft. outside the wake then turning back in to hit your jump......then if your technique is good you are edging right and poping right you can see where you are landing and see if you need to edge harder and or speed up the boat a bit to clear both wakes.....usually it is combo of both needed.....make sure you are not flattening out right at the wake and gliding across ...this will give you less tension on the rope and less pop and distance / Speed should start at around 18-20mph with one wake jumps then 22-24 with wake to wake jumps...........I hope this will help......hopefully you are getting some good water to ride on as well that helps too.... T.

amber_nicole 07-09-2007 6:12 PM

ok how long have you been riding?

finleym 09-03-2007 7:39 PM

Edging is what is going to help you and standing tall at the top of the wake. When you are riding you should have a progressive edge, by that I mean that you should cut out a bout 15 feet or so and the wait till you feel the boat start pulling you back toward the wake and slowy just lean back on your heels if you are going for heelside, then slowly build a harder edge as your going toward the wake and the stand tall at the top of the wake and you will get some good pop and clear it. I hope this helps.

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