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wakekid72501 07-08-2007 7:51 PM

Yes, i know it is about as simple as it gets, but i am having trouble get much air? So any help would be appreciated! Thanks ahead of time! if this helps i have a 2006 Obrien Edge 138?

wondermike 07-10-2007 6:53 PM

try edging out on your heelside edge outside the wake. At your fastest speed try an ollie. Should help a little. There was also a good article about ollies a month back in Wakeboard mag.

socalf150rider 07-11-2007 4:21 PM

yea i have spent some time on these... i just dont get how pros are ollieing over rocks and bouys... what the steps for ollies?

shavis 07-11-2007 5:20 PM

The more you dig your tail, the more potential energy you build. Also the higher you initially pull your front knee the more height you will add. Try working on inside of the wake to the outside ollies. They are the easiest to learn with....

wakekid72501 07-13-2007 1:54 PM

also how do i get enought air to do a 180

shawns_no_good 07-14-2007 6:39 PM

Air isn't so important when doing a 180, if you're rotating good enough, you can do it without getting the fins all the way out. Try taking just a little bit of a hs edge, do your ollie, but start turning your front foot out as soon as you lift it and pull the rope to your back hip and it should turn you pretty easy.

helix_rider 07-15-2007 2:40 PM

Justin, the trick for me getting a good ollie with enough air is like Mike said. You need S-P-E-E-D!!! Edge out into the flats really aggressively, then relax your edge and coast for 1 second. Then do your ollie. When I was learning I was trying to ollie while edging and it didn't work for me. Make sure you've kinda come off your edge before you go for a big buoy ollie.

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