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05-03-2001 1:16 PM

hey, i havnt started ridin yet this season, but i wanted some tricks i could practice for my arsenal of moves, neway, i heard that some basic inverts were easier than 3's....an the tantrum doenst look that difficult...could neone give me ne tips on how to do that or ne other basic invert? i can clear both wakes fine so thats not a prob...thanx everyone, peace

05-08-2001 2:20 PM


05-13-2001 4:18 AM

It isnt as easy as it looks... <BR>But the most important thing for me atleast is to have a mean heelside cut so that you dont loose too much speed when u change cut, almost to toeside just before u pop. then you let go with tour rear hand and throw your body backwards, the same way you would if you were making a backflip on land. If you have enough speed and pop you will land a bit uncontrolled at first but ride away with a hard on.

05-13-2001 4:20 AM

another thin if you are just starting with inverts, my bet would be to start with a H/s backroll first. <BR> <BR>good luck man

05-13-2001 9:49 PM

for me, tantrums are more natural than backrolls, and they are easier than 3's now that i think about it. at least the landings dont hurt as much doing tantrums when you fall. 360's whip you backwards and snap your head, tantrums just sort of throw you around a little. just get some guts and go for it. practice is the best teacher.

05-14-2001 2:15 PM

aright, well can neone explain a tantrum or backroll, im goin out this weekend, an if u say a tantrum an back roll are easier than 3's, im all ears...

or a bit before 05-18-2001 12:54 PM

when you throw a backroll, you will need a good cut so you get some speed. Dont overdo it though, enough speed to get yourself over the second wake but still feel comfortable. then what i do is just not stop cutting, and when (or a bit before) you pop lean over your rear foot and tilt your head towards your rear sholder. You dont need as much power as you think, because if you rotate too quikly its very easy to over rotate and very hard to land even if you nail it. Try it a couple of times and you will get the nack of it. <BR>And hey wear a life vest at first especially if you try 3's you can get some nasty 3/4 of the way wipeouts. <BR>Go for it man

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