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jeffinvan 07-07-2007 8:37 PM

Does anyone have any experience towing a wakeboard boat with a Toyota Tacoma? I have an 06 double cab with the 4 liter v6. I'm interested in a Malibu vRide, but am concerned that my Tacoma is not adequate for towing. Any advice would be appreciated. Also I'd be interested to hear what anyone has to say about the vRide.

04gravitygames 07-07-2007 9:15 PM

i had a tacoma v6 a while back. my .2 is that it is not enough to pull a boat around. any long hauls and hills will kill it.

westsiderippa 07-07-2007 11:52 PM

1. v ride, great wake boat, can be had for a great price, needs wait and is very roomy for a entry level v-drive wake boat, not alot of bling but when your riding behind it with 1500# and the wedge down its feels like a vlx anyway. <BR> <BR>2. would you rather sell your truck and buy something that can handle the wait or blow yours up loose money and then relize you need a larger tow vehicle. BUY A DIESEL.....

mkperceptions 07-08-2007 2:00 AM

not sure but my 4 cyl 5 speed tows my 3400lbs fourwinns just fine but a vlx not sure even with the v6

gobigorgohome 07-08-2007 7:45 AM

I have a Tacoma that I use for pulling my 21' pontoon and have 2 friends who have Tacomas, both of whom have V Rides. All setups work fine but are slow on the hills. How long/hilly is the drive to where you'll be using it? <BR> <BR>My opinion is that I can easily sacrifice a bit of speed on the hills for the comfort/economy/all the extra benefits that come when you own a Tacoma. If you get to the lake a few mins later, what's the problem?

clearlakescott 07-08-2007 7:48 AM

We tow our vlx with a 4 runner and it gets punished. Get something bigger.

jeffinvan 07-08-2007 10:25 AM

Most of the time I'd be pulling the boat within a half hour from home. There are some hills, but not major ones. I enjoy the Tacoma and it works well for what I use it for. I have trouble with the idea of spending the extra money for a bigger truck that gets worse gas mileage for something when most of the time I'm not pulling a boat. The weight rating for the Tacoma is 6500 lbs.

dcwillette 07-08-2007 11:33 AM

I currently have a 05' Dodge Ram 4x4 5.7L "Hemi" and a 05' VLX. If I had it do over again I would buy a 3/4-ton diesel truck. <BR> <BR>However, it always cost you to get rid of a vehicle and buy another. If you like the Tacoma and you're just worried about wear and tear and gas milage you may want to consider keeping it and just renting a storage place close to the lake. I store my boat in an enclosed storage shed (with electrcity) for $75 per month about 1/4-mile from the ramp. If this is a feasible option you may want to consider that. <BR> <BR>I hate towing it to the dealer for service and on long trips but but just picking it up and putting it in the water it does fine. Some would say it does fine all the time but after having towed with a HD diesel truck it changes your perspective.

ord27 07-08-2007 12:01 PM

chad <BR>I have the 2003 model....4x4 Hemi <BR>I too would by a 3/4 ton diesel if I were to do it over again <BR> <BR>the hemi does okay, but now that my truck is used almost exclusively for towing and yard projects...I wish I had a diesel <BR> <BR>I have been looking to trade it in, but mine is paid for....and I hate car payments! <BR> <BR>have you seen the new 2007 mega cab 4x4 diesels <BR> <BR>WOW <BR> <BR>nice truck <BR>.......but then my truck would cost as much or more than my boat <BR>we can't have that now can we....ha ha

dcwillette 07-08-2007 1:53 PM

Cliff, I really wanted to trade mine in on a new diesel but mine is almost paid for and I hate car payments too. <BR> <BR>I don't like the Mega Cabs though. Between the new GMC and Dodge it would be a tough choice for me. <BR> <BR>I wish I had at least gotten a 3/4-ton with the Hemi. I kick myself for that all the time.

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