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sangeria 07-07-2007 10:28 AM

Howdy - <BR> <BR>Had a scary incident the other day and I'm looking for some help. Had a full boat of kids and adults the other day (luckily at the dock still) and started the boat and it was making a weird sound. I pulled open the engine cover to find gas pouring out of a hose all over the engine and into the bilges. We quickly (and I mean quickly) unloaded everyone off the boat and opened up all the hatches. With a little help I was able to diagnose the problem to the hose between the Cool Fuel unit and the fuel intake for the injectors. It had somehow blown...no one I've showed it to can believe it as they've never seen it happen before. <BR> <BR>Here's my dilemna. Mercruiser wants to sell me a "kit" for $500 instead of just replacing the fuel line itself. I had the fuel line repaired at Delta Rubber and I'm comfortable with the repair. However, I'd much rather have the factory hose installed. Does anyone know where I can buy just the hose? Does anyone know why Mercruiser has a service bulletin on the Cool Fuel unit which prevents them from selling me just the hose? <BR> <BR>If it's safer and there's some reason to replace the whole thing I guess I'll go that route. But, I'd rather just get the hose. <BR> <BR>The boat is a 1997 Sanger V210...any help someone can give me would be greatly appreciated! <BR> <BR>Thanks, <BR>Kent

ceres1312 07-07-2007 11:16 AM

Give these guys a call they know all there is to sangers... literally ! <a href="http://www.topsidemarine.com" target="_blank">www.topsidemarine.com</a> . They are very knowledgeable and friendly.

ceres1312 07-07-2007 11:18 AM

Sorry the number is Phone: 408-224-2628

peter_c 07-07-2007 1:47 PM

What was the hose made out of (Rubber, stainless coasted rubber)? Was it a return line or a pressure line? Got pictures of the replacement hose installed and the old one? <BR> <BR>I have seen and replaced lots of bad fuel injection lines. The key is to use the proper clamps and hose. There is special high pressure hose and clamps that hold better than your average "hose" clamp. You do not need a factory hose, and in fact an after market setup could easily be higher quality for much less than $500. Ouch!

sangeria 07-07-2007 4:56 PM

Upon further investigation it looks like this part was recalled years ago (actually right after they were mfg.) for this exact problem. Seems the original owner never fixed the problem. Wish me luck in dealing with Mercruiser and getting them to fix this under warranty/recall. <BR> <BR>Anyone out there with a Black Scorpion or other Mercruiser motor manufactured in 1997/1998 please make sure this has been fixed on your motor! You don't want bilges full of gasoline like I had two weeks ago!! <BR> <BR>I have the recall notice that has the engine serial numbers and what to look for on the fuel line. Ping me if you would like me to email it to you.

wakesetter101 07-07-2007 7:36 PM

$500 is over kill for what you need. Go to your local parts store if its just rubber.

sangeria 07-09-2007 9:13 AM

Kudos to Mercruiser...they're sending the repair kit free under the recall.

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