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holloway0105 07-06-2007 8:02 AM

I have landed a couple of them, but can't get consistent. I can rotate them correctly every time, but for some reason I am making it an elephant. I would rather have a consistent toe front over an elephant that I can land on occasions. Every time I fall it's b/c my board is pointed at the boat instead of away from the boat,,,,any pointers??

hawaiianstiln 07-06-2007 8:11 AM

how long are you holding onto the rope for?? If I hold onto the rope and edge really hard, It throws me into an elephant (while letting go with my rear hand at the last minute). <BR> <BR>I'm assuming you can throw scarecrows right?

hawaiianstiln 07-06-2007 8:14 AM

forgot....When I come in for a TS front, I edge in fairly hard and "trip flip" myself at the top of the wake and tuck and roll while letting go of the rope with my rear hand as soon as I hit the wake. <BR> <BR>People may do this different tho, not sure. IT works for me and looks normal.

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