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crracer 07-05-2007 7:07 PM

Do any of you skiers have any suggestions to help get a friend up who rips at double skiing. He can hit a slamon course on them but we cant get him out of the water...We r renting him a "Big Daddy" for this weekend. What about him droping a ski when he gets up or what about starting with only his front foot in the bindings? My whole family slamon skis but we cant figure out how to get him up. Thanks

tacosupreme 07-10-2007 7:43 AM

Does he get up and immediately fall or can he not get up at all? <BR> <BR>We have most people drop a ski before trying to deep water start on a slalom. To see if he has the balance, while he's on two skis make him pick up one foot and show you the bottom of the ski. Have him ride around for a while with one foot in the air. If it looks like he's doing fine just find a quiet area and have him drop it. <BR> <BR>I never had any luck starting with only one foot in the bindings but to each their own.

behindtheboat 07-10-2007 8:50 AM

Knee to the chest, keep it there while it feels like you're going over the front, then push out and down with the front knee. Most people lean way too far back, requiring much more strength than necessary

tacosupreme 07-10-2007 6:00 PM

A-Dub, I agree. I ski with a group of guys who say I like to be "feathered" out of the water. They are under the old-school, lean back, hammer it, and hold on for dear life. I get that knee to my chest and stretch out forward as far as I can. It's much less painful on the back and I'm not exhausted as soon as I get up.

kmcginty 07-19-2007 7:36 AM

Im very amateur in this dept but I have noticed that it helps to focus on holding the handle lower near your waist than up by your chest...

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