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regalado1 07-05-2007 12:33 PM

Don't find myself in rivers, or ocean, just in the usual lakes. Maybe the delta ocassionally. I need a new anchor. I've been using this one for the most part without any issues. Just wondering what everybody else uses for similar situation. Thanks. <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/471468.jpg" alt="Upload">

taylormade 07-05-2007 12:57 PM

I have the same and it's worked fine through three boats. <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

mkperceptions 07-05-2007 1:04 PM

i use the danforth i think they call it. looks like a big pickle fork. seems to work pretty good with less than 3x the depth

dhcomp 07-05-2007 1:06 PM

those suck. Get a real anchor. <BR> <BR>Just the standard super hooker style from overtons, or the new box style anchor ($$$)

regalado1 07-05-2007 1:13 PM

dhcomp, <BR> <BR>you're talking something like this? <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/471495.jpg" alt="Upload">

jv210 07-05-2007 1:16 PM

Ant I have used those for all my boats and they work great. I hate the regular anchors, they never grab and are too light. On my malibu I use 2 of those tied together for peace of mind. <BR> <BR>A lot of people love the box anchor, but they are pricey.

regalado1 07-05-2007 1:21 PM

Jason, <BR>Which one is "those"? Which is the "regular"? Which "2 of those" did you tie together?

timmy 07-05-2007 1:22 PM

I use one similar to this for my main (bow) anchor: <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/471508.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>And I have one similar to the pic that ant posted for my second (stern) anchor.

bocephus 07-05-2007 1:28 PM

The box anchor is the only way to go! <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.slideanchor.com/box.asp" target="_blank">http://www.slideanchor.com/box.asp</a> <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/471511.gif" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>The thing holds rock solid in any bottom conditions from mud, rock, sand and even on a rock shelf on Lake Powell when nothing else in our camp would hold!

24_ssv 07-05-2007 1:34 PM

I second the Box Anchor. That thing holds my 24 foot boot in all conditions and bottom types. I got mine (the "small" one) from West Marine for about $120. No need to use a chain and it comes in a nice case. It also folds flat.

regalado1 07-05-2007 1:36 PM

That does look pretty sweet.

woreout 07-05-2007 1:47 PM

Fill her pockets with rocks and she works Great!!<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/471516.jpg" alt="Upload">

mkperceptions 07-05-2007 1:49 PM

nice i like that box anchor. i use the one that anT has in his picture and it seems to work ok

regalado1 07-05-2007 1:57 PM

Ha ha. Except for one thing Billy. Something like that would never be allowed on my boat. Not for ballast, not even for an anchor. oh my. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Thanks alot.

jv210 07-05-2007 2:27 PM

ANt I use 2 mushroom anchors tied together. The second one you posted in my experience dont work to good. I get to where I want to go, throw out the mushrooms and im done. I use them in the delta with the wind and current.

kenteck 07-05-2007 2:35 PM

this will keep you in one spot <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/471532.jpg" alt="Upload">

sangerlover 07-05-2007 2:38 PM

This is my 1st season with the box anchor and it works perfectly. Best anchor I have ever used. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by sangerlover on July 05, 2007)

neffro 07-05-2007 4:13 PM

I agree the box anchor is by far the best. No chain needed and will set the first toss every time on any type of bottom. The only downfall is if ya loose it<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/blush.gif" border=0> ($120.00 anchor)

ryan27r 07-05-2007 6:29 PM

Box anchor works really well no complaints.

jeff359 07-05-2007 6:48 PM

I have a rig with a danforth(with a solid line), a box anchor(with snap back), and a solid mushroom style anchor(with snap back). <BR> <BR>The danforth I use in crowded areas where I do not want my boat to move at all. the other two are based on what kinda surface is on the bottom. Rock or harder bottoms get the mushroom, the box for softer. The mushroom is also to throw down at the sandbar, or any other place you are setting down for a short time. <BR> <BR>All the anchors work well, but each may have strengths. If I had to pick one, box, solid line(no snap back), with alot of chain. <BR> <BR>Regardless of what you use anchor wise, IMO I'd spend the cash for a nice chain led. Use as much as you can. Also make sure you anchor out well of the front of the boat and deep enough. The biggest mistake I see people do is not anchoring off far enough

air_railey 07-05-2007 8:57 PM

Try the "Digger" anchor.

mkperceptions 07-05-2007 9:55 PM

i like the box anchor ima try it out. do you guys think it will work well for my anchor buddy? Also I have a quick question for length of rope. I want to mark my rope with little flags so I know how much anchor line I have let out. What is the best way to do this? any of you guys doing this?

wakeeater 07-06-2007 12:49 AM

we use one of these <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/471747.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR>filled in with cement and a u-bolt cemented in each opening

mkperceptions 07-06-2007 1:16 AM

also doubles as ballast eh Charley <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

wakeeater 07-06-2007 1:55 AM

yeah but its only in the boat when we go camping for mooring or houseboating. rarely do we anchor outside of those activities so its 60+lbs are found relaxing in the garage most the time

wakesetter101 07-06-2007 5:15 AM

Charley, do you get any movement with that block. I may go camping and need something that hold very well in rough water so i can sleep at night. Seems to be a great idea.

wakeeater 07-06-2007 8:45 PM

we only get movent in rediculously rough water mixed with high winds. we have used it for all 5 years we have had our boat and never has it let or boat come close to shore. we also use it with an anchor buddy

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