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cobi_krumholz 07-04-2007 4:06 PM

does anyone know where i could buy a winch for cheap?

supraman11 07-04-2007 8:58 PM

Yeah. Home Depot. The only problem is comes with a label saying ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.

notsobueno 07-04-2007 11:46 PM

Define 'cheap'...

cobi_krumholz 07-05-2007 4:57 PM

1000 dollars

rodmcinnis 07-05-2007 5:00 PM

What do you want this winch to do? <BR> <BR>"Winch" is a pretty broad term. Could be for raising an anchor, securing your boat on the trailer or pulling a wakeboarder across a pool....

pnichols 07-05-2007 5:09 PM

I'm assuming he wants to pull a wake boarder?

cobi_krumholz 07-05-2007 8:18 PM

pull a wake boarder/wake skater

dkjbama92mariah 07-05-2007 9:22 PM

Why not a warn ATV winch, They're less than $1k.

cobi_krumholz 07-06-2007 9:39 AM

i was looking for a winch to pull me wake skating, i don't think an atv winch could do that

rodmcinnis 07-06-2007 11:26 AM

The wakeboarding winches are fairly custom things. Most applications that need a winch are interested in applying a lot of force and moving it slowly, as in lifting anchors, getting vehicles unstuck from the mud/sand, lifting heavy objects, etc. <BR> <BR>If you search Ebay or other online sales places you might find one for sale that someone has built. They aren't that hard to build and a lot of people have done their own. <BR> <BR>If you plan on using 100volt electricity to run it the winch can be really simple. A motor driving a drum that the rope is wound up on. Get the gearing/pulley sizes appropriate for the speed you want. <BR> <BR>If you want to use a gas engine then you need to have a centrifugal clutch, which is pretty simple. Some some old go kart and you have 90% of everything you need. <BR> <BR>Rod

cobi_krumholz 07-06-2007 8:34 PM

if i got an old go car what else would i need to get

andy13 07-06-2007 10:20 PM

spool and frame

andy13 07-06-2007 10:21 PM

rope and you probably need some gears and chain

cobi_krumholz 07-07-2007 4:18 PM

do how much do you think it would cost

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