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lyle 07-01-2007 7:11 PM

So we wake up early sat morning to get a little butter.. We load er down and begin ripping it up. We usually stick to the Levee of our little lake, and leave the rest of the lake to the fisherman.. Ocationally we have one that for some reason decides to fish the levee. We try to be respectful, but of course our rollers smoke em. So shortly after this happening this beautiful morning, we are pretty smoked and head to the ramp. We are greeted by the game warden who says he has ranged us a few different days, and we are more than double the distance we need to be....BUT... he has recieved 3 complaints about the boat this year, which I reply, "sir we arnt the only red wakeboarding boat out here." He then says "oh ya, its yall.. Everyone of the fisherman refer to the boat as the "SpiderMan boat." So he ended up telling us to just try not wash anyone out. He was pretty cool about it, Wakeboarding is just new to out little town and little lake, and fishermen just arnt used to us yet. Well sorry for the long story, just loved that the game warden chased us down because of the Illusive Spiderman Boat. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/470193.jpg" alt="Upload">

lyle 07-01-2007 7:15 PM

Just for the record, we are extremly respectful to fisherman, that is, try our best to stay far enough away from them, these fellas watched us ride the levee for 2 hours then just came and parked right in our path.. Upon recieving the finger, I just love that, I blew him a kiss then just shortend our pass to stay away from them.

cwbrider16 07-01-2007 8:04 PM

thats a sweet boat, i like the color scheme

jnewton7 07-02-2007 7:04 AM

LOL....I think I'm gonna get a decal made for it!

jnewton7 07-02-2007 7:11 AM

Here is a better pic of it... <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/470404.jpg" alt="Upload">

erock_15 07-02-2007 7:33 AM

Yes!!!! That is awesome! You have to admit the GW's are pretty cool down here though...compared to some of the horror stories of other places.

innerlaced 07-09-2007 6:56 PM

Lyle - What area are you from, I just saw this boat on the Sacramento River where I ride and was wonderin if you guys ride around here.

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