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damned04 06-26-2007 6:16 PM

Im thinkin about buyin this skate. I currently ride a scape 112 and can go w2w sometimes and do shuvits with it. I've ridden a variety of skates and havn't found anything I like yet. As crazy as it sounds, I would like a skate with a similar feel to my scape except with a little more pop and better for flips and spins, while having the ability to go w2w with control. Has anyone ridden it that can give me a review on it?

mickey_e 07-02-2007 7:06 PM

I am currently riding the Pro Model. It is definately a poppy board. Shuv's and flips are great. Its a little rough on sliders, wish the had a coated version bottom. But that is about all I can complain about. Nothing a little wax didn't take care of. As for w2w, it is very stable, even considering I ride with neither of the fins on it.

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