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wakekid72501 06-25-2007 1:13 PM

what is the cheapest board on the market

eric2246 06-27-2007 8:06 AM

LF faction, Hyperlite Scape, or Obrien Traffic are all under $100

krkx93 07-01-2007 8:25 AM

look on ebay rite now you can get a scape for about 60 and a kampus for under 100 both brand new

lovin_the_wake 07-17-2007 7:31 AM

I ride an O'Brien traffic grip when I'm just screwin' around it's a fun board I ride finless (is that a word) I picked it up on ebay for $80

ethan31 07-17-2007 8:22 AM

^^ <BR> <BR>Same here. Gives me something to do..

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