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reddig82 06-20-2007 11:49 AM

I just got my new ACME prop off of the UPS truck and am excited to get it on the boat this evening. I am going from an old 13X13 OJ legend to the CNC Acme 541. I was told by the people at ACME that I would notice a difference between the tow. I was just wondering if anyone on here had made the switch from a hand made prop to a CNC ACME and if there truly is a different feel to them. We foot and slalom alot and do not run any additional weight, hence the 541 (13X12)that and the fact that ACME recomended that specific prop for my boat and needs.

jheado 06-20-2007 12:32 PM

I switched from a oj to the acme CNC prop this year. The biggest difference I notice is the hole shot and pulling. You barely need to touch the throttle while pulling and thats with a few people and 1700+ lbs in the boat. And I lost almost nothing on the top end speed.

zoah 06-20-2007 2:13 PM

The biggest difference I noticed was how damn sharp the prop is. While removing a line from the prop/shaft I cut up my hands. <BR> <BR> <BR>.....and that was the last time I let the girlfriend drive...

kystyle 06-20-2007 3:26 PM

Just upgraded myself. Had an old OJ prop on my '95 Sport Nautique. Put an ACME on and it drives like a brand new boat.

paulw 06-21-2007 4:39 PM

Very nice prop, hole shot is so much better

wakemaniac69 07-08-2007 11:03 PM

running ACME 13x11 with 1200# of ballast in 1980 SN. Awesome holeshot and planes withing seconds. Hats off to ACME.

luchog 07-09-2007 10:00 PM

Will c, are you running the 542? <BR> <BR>How much weight can your boat handle? what rpms do you cruise/board? what is gas consumption like?? <BR> <BR>I want to get a new prop for my 1980 SN but sure if I should get the 540 or the 542. <BR> <BR>I'd appreciate your answer.

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