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dubs_ucla 06-18-2007 3:18 PM

Looking for pointers... <BR> <BR>...best way to get there from LA. Best place to drop the boat in. Where to ride. Anything else. Your help is much appreciated!!! <BR> <BR>Wayne

iridelow1998 06-19-2007 4:43 PM

10 or 210 fwy east to 15 fwy north to 40 fwy east. After about 2 hours on the 40 follow the signs.

mike_gilbert 06-19-2007 7:52 PM

why would you go all the up to the 40 dirt dog? wouldnt the 10 east to the AZ 95 then up through parker be faster? we go 10 to 95 from phx <BR> <BR>(Message edited by mike_gilbert on June 19, 2007)

oaf 06-19-2007 9:05 PM

Wayne- <BR> Where in LA would help. <BR> <BR>You can go two ways 91 E to 60 E to 10 E get off at desert center and go through Parker up to 95 AZ. <BR> <BR>Or you can get to the 15 N to the 40 E and head south on the 95 AZ. This way is longer but safer as Rice Road to Parker is a very dangerous road. <BR> <BR>As for launching Winsor Beach is the best right off the 95 on Industrial (I think). Just don't launch at Site #6 on the Island unless you can handle a bad ramp with a huge crowed cheering and booing and holding up score cards (it is unlike any thing you have ever seen) <BR> <BR>As for riding in the Havasu area get out early and go south. The wind will pick up by 9 am and the big boats will be heading out about 10-11am to get the party started.

hbguy 06-19-2007 9:05 PM

The 10 to the AZ 95 route is shorter but alot of two lane highway. IMO, that route is quicker if you are towing. If you are not towing and can go 75mph, the 15 to 40 route is a bit quicker because it is mostly interstate.

dubs_ucla 06-19-2007 9:34 PM

i am towing from the westside, but was thinking of heading out north on the 405 and cutting over on the 14 to try and not drive through all of LA on a Friday afternoon - is that crazy? <BR> <BR>Is it even worth it to take the boat out there if we are going to have to be done by 9am?

hbguy 06-19-2007 9:50 PM

Wayne, <BR> <BR>I live on the westside and have utilized the 405, 14 to the 58 route to avoid Friday traffic on my way to Vegas. It works very well for that purpose. Once you get on the 14 it is free sailing. But, I haven't done it towing a boat. The 58 is a two lane highway that is a little bit windy at times but not too bad. Could be a little dangerous. But, I know it is used by NorCal and Central CA people to get to the river so maybe one of them can chime in about towing on that road. <BR> <BR>To answer your question about whether it is worth taking the boat out to Havasu if you have to be done by 9am, IMO it depends on whether you are only going there to board or if you enjoy post-boarding chilling and partying. If you only want to board, I would say Naciemento, Mead and even Mojave are better bets. Mead has areas that don't get blown out as quickly. Mojave has more fingers that you can ride all day, even if the middle of the lake is blown out. However, in my experience, it seems like there is always at least one boat in all of them. <BR> <BR>I went to Havasu Memorial Day weekend. We barely rode but had an epic time!

hbguy 06-19-2007 9:57 PM

I forgot to mention. If you are into the post-boarding festivities, check out Steamboat Cove, Copper Canyon and the sandbar.

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