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technarider 06-16-2007 12:14 AM

so messing around with the stereo tonight i set it off on thermal protection... <BR> <BR>started looking back at how its wired and this is what i am thinking and see <BR> <BR>4 speakers on the tower ... left and right side.. both sides are in parallel ... <BR> <BR>at the amp it was wired left and right channels.. but i wired it in parallel at the amp too.. if i think about this two 4 ohm speakers in parallel makes 2 ohm... two sets of 2 ohm in parallel makes 1 ohm... and thats not good for the amp <BR> <BR>if i am correct should i wire at the amp in series to get 2 sets of 2ohm to be 4 ohms? i can not go back two 2 channels as the right side output is not working <BR> <BR>any help welcomed

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