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maddogmike 06-15-2007 8:05 PM

I had a Malibu VLX a couple of years ago, but had to sell it for financial reasons. Now I'm ready to get back into it. A friend wants to sell me his 2003 Mastercraft X-10, but I can get a 2003 Malibu VLX for about the same. I pretty much wakeboard only, no skiing. Both boats are equipped about the same, both have triple ballast, but of course only the Malibu has The Wedge. <BR> <BR>I'm biased in favor of the Malibu, since I had one before. Any opinions here?

tanner 06-16-2007 8:07 PM

Well your questioning it and obviously liked the malibu. Stick w/ it.

auto 06-17-2007 6:38 AM

I am not a MC fan and a BU owner, but between the 2 boats, IMHO the VLX is the way to go. However, don't take the advice of a bunch of Internet FE's, get the boat that fits your lifstyle.

ronskal 06-17-2007 7:56 AM

Both are well made and will be great for riding, although the VLX will be a better pure WB boat. The X10 will have a better rough water ride if that's important. <BR> <BR>Good luck, either one sounds nice.

attila916 06-17-2007 9:57 AM

I second what Ron stated.

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