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eric_ms 06-14-2007 1:46 PM

I am one that is very sensitive when it comes to my boat. When I say sensitive I mean I can pick up just the slightest thing wrong, a vibration, a noise, ect. So the other day I changed my oil and when I ran the boat it seemed like it had a loss of horsepower. It may just be me but it just felt that way. It felt like the sacks were full when really they weren�t. Any ideas or is it maybe just me over analyzing again

michealhoward 06-14-2007 2:03 PM

Did you over fill the oil? If you over fill it too much it will cause the crank to splash in the oil and slow the motor down.

ryan27r 06-14-2007 2:11 PM

were the RPM's normal? I am anal about the boat too.

denverd1 06-14-2007 2:12 PM

wouldn't you have higher pressure at the guage? not sure about that one... thats what i thought originally too. <BR> <BR>empty bilge, everything else normal? boats are like that sometimes...

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