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derek23 06-14-2007 8:04 AM

So I have been wakebaording for about 8 years now,however every year i get on the water no more than a hangfull of times. Also the only boat i have ever ridden behing was an 18' I/O with no weight/ no tower or pylon. I have found someone on my lake with an 02 X-Star that i am going to be riding with this Sunday. <BR> <BR>Am I going to be in for a suprise when I cut into that wake for the first time? Anyone ever make a transition like that? <BR> <BR>Thanks

closedtoe 06-14-2007 8:08 AM

I made a transition from a waverunner to a wakesetter LSV with full ballast. It was scary at first. Since your coming at least from a boat it should be easier, but you will notice a huge difference in size of the wake.

txadam 06-14-2007 8:10 AM

Yep, I ride behind an I/O normally but get out with some friends of mine every now &amp; then (BU's, MC's, Nautiques) &amp; it takes some getting used to the big wake at first. Behind the I/O I have to really rely on my technique and progressive edge and if I do the same behind the big wakeboats I'll get booted! I have to slow down a bit at first until I get used to the larger wake.

notsobueno 06-14-2007 8:35 AM

Nah...there is no real difference. It is all a lie created by the boat manufacturers to sell their boats. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0>

denverd1 06-14-2007 9:03 AM

hell yea you're in for a suprise!! you'll be suprised you never got booted like that!! just get comfy with it, take your time, then nail it. <BR> <BR>you'll have so much fun.

wakeslife 06-14-2007 9:14 AM

You will love it. I remember my first time out on an inboard, and it was a Malibu direct drive with a tower and the wedge, but I thought the wake was HUGE compared to our 17' I/O.

extremeisaac 06-14-2007 9:20 AM

Derek, one of the biggest difference you will feel is how much stronger and a harder feel the wake is. I have an I/o that I ride behind and like Adam I get out behind my friends boats every once in a while and the size of the wake is different but for me, the bigger difference is how solid the wake feels

denverd1 06-14-2007 9:21 AM


derek23 06-19-2007 9:00 AM

I was defanitly suprised. It was so easy to go wake to wake. I was going pretty big for my first time behind a real boat. It was fully weighted too. I also attempted my first double up...and hit it (all luck) I didn't think i was ever going to come down. Thanks all, and to Jeff and Shiela for taking me out.

derek23 06-19-2007 9:01 AM

Once I get the pics I will put them up.

jrhurst 06-19-2007 11:51 AM

Yeah , it kinda makes it hard to ride behind the I/O again , but it beats not riding at all !!!

pwningjr 06-19-2007 1:00 PM

Reading this makes me jealous. These boats sound awesome!

extremeisaac 06-19-2007 1:09 PM

Jeremy, and its alot easier on the checking account.. it almost balances out the weight

gmhdesign 06-19-2007 1:15 PM

I hope you don't have to go back to your old I/0... Oh never mind I see that you did indeed have to go back to the dark side. Bummer dude I knew that would be harsh...

malibuboarder75 06-19-2007 1:20 PM

I went from a fishing boat to a malibu response. Although the response wake with just the wedge is kind of small, it was a huge jump for someone used to a washy wake. Just take it easy behind the xstar. Just do a few 1 wake jumps and progress to 2 wakes. It can be scary at first, but after a few outings you will fall in love with that wake.

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