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jcurtis 06-13-2007 10:44 AM

I have had a DD before and love how it handled, I waterski and wakeboard. I want to spend around 30k on an inboard, I want a boat that can handle rough water, but have a smooth wake when I decide to ski, any suggestions on which boat would be close to my needs???? thanks in advance

macgiver 06-15-2007 4:12 PM

MB sport 220v around an 03 or so

malibuboarder75 06-15-2007 5:15 PM

Malibu response. Throws an awesome wake with 1000lbs of ballast and the wedge. Throws a world class slalom wake at 30+ mph. <BR> <BR>PS- I have one for sale too.

cougar1 06-15-2007 5:48 PM

I second the Malibu Response of any flavor... LX or LXI... make sure you get the wedge and you will be golden. I am a better skier and don't need ballast yet to wakeboard. I have a 2006 RXLI

cfd313 06-15-2007 6:19 PM

sent you a pm about my boat for sell...

jcurtis 06-15-2007 6:38 PM

how does the malibu handle rough water, I have been considering a X-star or X-9

rallyart 06-15-2007 7:09 PM

You could look at a Sanger DLX that's a couple of years old. It'll handle the rough well. There is much more deadrise at the stern.

26lacefield 06-15-2007 8:00 PM

22i tige it throws a very small wake with the taps at 1 for skiing. put the taps to 8 to shape it up a lil and add about 10 of your friends or around 1200 of ballast and it'll throw a great wake for beginners to intermediate boarders. ooo and the surfwake is freakin awesome too one of the best i've ever surfed on

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