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04-29-2001 6:20 PM

I am a beginner wakeboarder, and I have down riding and crossing the wakes but I am ready to jump the wake from heelside, but that is presenting me a huge problem because I seem to skip alot over the wake, and I am not sure on how far I need to go out before I cut in for the wake. How should I be standing when I hit the wake? I crouch down a lot, but I don't think thats the way to go when jumping from what I have seen, do I need to pull my legs up when I am in the air or will that just make the landing harder? As you can tell I really want to do this and do it right, and any advice shared would be a great deal of help to me, thanks.

04-30-2001 2:39 AM

i have found the best way is to cut out about 15or so ft from the wake then flatten out and slowly drift for a bit so the rope is tight then slowlyy rock back onto your heels putting more and more pressure on the h/s as u get into the wake. u want to be cutting as hard as u can at the top of the wake. as u ride up the wake extend ur legs so that they r straight at the top of ur wake, note u dont want to come off the edge though. u want to stand nice and tall at the top of the wake. u probably want a speed about 19-23mph when ur begining. shortening the rope makes less wake to clear but make everything happen a lot quicker so dont go to short. doing about 22 mph is probably the best i foung coz it gives u the speed to clear the wakes but is still forgiving. lifting ur legs in the air will make it look like ur a lot higher, just straighten em out before u land so u can absorb the shock with ur knees. hopefully that helps u out. the key to it is timing, u will get it after a fair bit of practice. ok have fun. read this a few times and it will sound a lot simpler. cya later

04-30-2001 4:35 PM

Thanks for the tips Mike, I will keep those in mind on my next run, good luck on the water!

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