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wakekid72501 06-11-2007 5:59 PM

I don't know my problem but every time i try it i fall on my face? I have seen 1 video and got insructions from here and neither worked! any help would be nice.

jusstty 06-11-2007 6:01 PM

A video would help?

pottsy 06-11-2007 7:01 PM

usually when u fall on your face you either clip and edge or you pull the rope in too far. So just relax and lean back and bend your knees a litle bit and make sure you dont pull on the rope and you should be fine

wakekid72501 06-12-2007 5:25 PM

thanks, and i can't get a video. sorry.

wakekid72501 06-15-2007 12:28 PM

i'm gonna try that tomorrow, but any other advice?

trickyboarder08 06-15-2007 3:03 PM

Don't lean back too far. Thats what i was doing at first. It is really easy, just relax bend your knees and turn. It also depends on the board you have. I have a Shane board and it is so smooth the turn on, but my old obrien was a bitch to get turned.

wakekid72501 06-16-2007 5:01 PM

i have an obrien 138 oasis from 2006

dh03r6 06-20-2007 11:28 PM

take any fins off

wakekid72501 06-24-2007 1:40 PM

okay i will try that

crack 06-24-2007 2:38 PM

Assuming your regular foot...just pull the handle to your right hip and lean back a bit. I heard that somewhere and it helped me.

wakekid72501 06-24-2007 8:41 PM

Do i have to take the fins off

jusstty 06-25-2007 10:55 AM

Just move the handle to your opposite hip.

kal_dude 06-25-2007 2:31 PM

keep your weight on your heels!!! unless you want to faceplant??????????

wakekid72501 06-25-2007 4:11 PM

again do i have to take the fins off

nsolis220 06-25-2007 4:16 PM

no fins on is fin its just a weight transfer forward some and like the other guy said take the handle to the other hip. it also helps me sometimes when i was learning to edge some when switching back to reg

afrodeziak 06-25-2007 5:12 PM

when you do a water start, try to keep your board in a 90 degree and ride as long as you can, should give you the balance to do surface 180's and be comfortable. <BR> <BR>B.. <BR> <BR>surf the wake a bit and use the wake as a tool.. butterslide then let go with the front hand.. back in the day when i had huge fins and couldnt'do surfaces 180's I'd always use the wake for it..

rivrrunr 06-26-2007 6:40 PM

i learned surface 180 by doing them as soon as the boat pulls you out of the water. the low speed and agitated water just makes it easy. then try them on top of the wake. your fins will break loose easier on the crest of the wake.

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