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midwesttex 06-11-2007 7:32 AM

So my 96 2dr Tahoe crapped out on me again yesterday. Looks like I am in the market for a new/newer tow vehicle. Anyone have any suggestions for something around 20k? I would like to stay small like a Explorer or Grand Cherokee but that it won't tow that well.

tonality 06-11-2007 7:49 AM

Drop a diesel in that 2dr and keep it, those things are gems. <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

ironcross25 06-11-2007 7:54 AM

buy a diesel. will last a lot longer.

midwesttex 06-11-2007 8:15 AM

Lets go ahead and state, that I am not intereasted in Diesel, unless it is the new Grand Cherokee CRD. regardless, the engine is not the problem in the Tahoe, its electrical, etc. The motor has already been replaced once.

psudy 06-11-2007 8:23 AM

buy a newer tahoe.

kal_dude 06-11-2007 8:41 AM

drop off your tahoe by me!!

dhcomp 06-11-2007 9:23 AM

buy a 2001+ tahoe.

bird_dog0347 06-11-2007 12:42 PM

I got an 03 Tahoe Z71 almost totally loaded for 22k OTD with a 3 year warranty. It had 47k miles on it when I bought it. So far it has been great...

guido 06-11-2007 1:07 PM

Agreed about the newer Tahoe... I know you don't want something that big, but they're amazing vehicles. I had mine since new in 2000 (one of the first of the new bodies). I put 100k on it and have very very few problems. 2 sets of tires, 1 set of rear brakes, a water pump and services.... No joke, that's all I did in 100k.

hal2814 06-11-2007 2:01 PM

Your profile says you're towing a 2001? Get a Commander. They're giving them away compared to the Grand Cherokee and they tow that sized boat just fine. You should be more than happy with the 4.7L V8.

midwesttex 06-11-2007 3:25 PM

Nick - How did you score that deal on the Z71? Was it certified pre-owned or did you get a used car warranty thrown in? <BR> <BR>I have a 2001 right now, but I would like to be able to pull a VLX or even X2 in a year or so.

midwesttex 06-13-2007 4:32 PM

Has anyone towed with the newer V8 Explorers?

justcoz5 06-13-2007 5:02 PM

I just bought a lifted 03 yukon, for less than 22k, tows like a champ. You should be able to find something similar if you are not in cali for the price you want.

bird_dog0347 06-14-2007 8:27 AM

Not a certified PO truck, but damn clean and a clean carfax. They were asking $21k for it, I told them hell no. They only wanted to give me 5k trade on my wife's volvo S60 when KBB said $7,500 and that was the payoff. <BR> <BR>Basically, the dealership was liquidating the inventory as they were closing down. They asked what it would take to get me to buy it. I told them they had to give me 7 for the trade, and take 19 for the truck. We went back and fourth for over an hour until they finally said ok. I bought the silver warranty plan with it (3yr, 36k) and with TT&amp;L it was like $22k.

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