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dlwsrider 06-10-2007 10:29 PM

Post them here i have none! <BR> <BR>anyone get Andrew Dyrhoods stalefish glide off the double up? <BR> <BR>that thing was so gnar

erock_15 06-11-2007 6:59 AM

Man I, in true Eric form, left my camera in the car...and completely forgot to take any pictures. But seriously I couldn't tell what that was Dyrhood threw, but it was absolutely huge!

craigystyle_05 06-11-2007 1:06 PM

dude... i wish i could of been there... PLEASE post some pics... make me even more pissed and jealous that i had to work...

dlwsrider 06-11-2007 6:16 PM

dude, he threw a stalefish glide that punctured the atmosphere. <BR> <BR>it was absolutly monstrous. <BR> <BR>i think clay's sister might have taken some pics. <BR> <BR>ill call them and find out

tigebob 06-12-2007 1:53 AM

I was standing on one of the docks over at Heber Springs marina when that went down, which is pretty far away and it still looked monsterous...I thought he was never gonna come down from that.. someone please post the pic if u have it

dlwsrider 06-12-2007 8:09 PM

i know man i was on the Tige judging mens novice so i had a frontrow view of it. <BR> <BR>it was amazing to watch

supradoug 06-12-2007 8:19 PM

where are the scores posted? I have some pics but it will be later tonight b-4 i get everything loaded.

wakedad33 06-12-2007 8:25 PM

Doug, Did Ryan ride?

eas 06-13-2007 6:03 AM

randy, ryan took second on saturday and first on sunday. sorry doug...didn't mean to steal your thunder. <BR> <BR>also, congrats to colt for driving in late saturday to take the outlaw win on sunday! <BR> <BR>a couple of boys from oklahoma throwin' down....

wakedad33 06-13-2007 6:17 AM

Thanks Eric, congrats to Ryan. Alex said to tell you hey.

eas 06-13-2007 7:08 AM

no problem randy.... <BR> <BR>what up alex...good luck in MN and WI.

dlwsrider 06-13-2007 7:58 AM

doug, the scores will be posted on the INT's website under the arkansas page

erock_15 06-13-2007 8:09 AM

Wish we could have stayed for Sunday too. Sounds like things went as good then as they did Saturday.

doobe 06-17-2007 7:29 PM

Caleb see if you can contact Phil from Catch the Action. He said he had a good one. Maybe you could get it and post it. It was awesome. This was a great event. looking for next year to be even better. Brett and Missy are already working on it.

dlwsrider 06-17-2007 8:18 PM

I'll be sure to talk to him. <BR> <BR>im not sure if hes willing to let go of it though

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