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crazyeye 06-10-2007 8:32 PM

Currently I tow my '05 X-2 with a '06 Lexus GX470. I will be upgrading to a vehicle more capable of towing and have narrowed it down to the following choices. Your opinions and input are appreciated: <BR> <BR>1.) Cadillac Escalade EXT (the truck) <BR>2.) Chevy Avalanche <BR>3.) The New Toyota Tundra <BR>4.) GMC/Chevy 2500 Suburban <BR> <BR>We will probably be upgrading to an X-Star in two years, so this new vehicle needs to be able to handle the extra weight. <BR> <BR>Thanks!

_jason_ 06-10-2007 8:51 PM

If there all 07's then i really don't see where you can end up wrong. Basically comes down to if you ever need a bed to tow crap in or for those extra "around the house" projects to get a truck. And if your happy with the SUV as it suits your family then boom its all you Mark. I'd say test drive, check out what you like the best. All should be more than enough to tow. <BR> <BR>but on the other hand i hear the new tundra is a beast when it comes to towing, up to 10,000 pounds or something!

mendo247 06-10-2007 8:51 PM

Hands Down!! Espically if your gonna be getting a bigger boat.. <BR> <BR>1.) Cadillac Escalade EXT (the truck)

wake_upppp 06-10-2007 9:05 PM

My opinion, don't even mess with a gasser...seriously consider a diesel, otherwise my choice would be #1 as well. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by wake_upppp on June 10, 2007)

crazyeye 06-10-2007 9:09 PM

It will be my daily driver as well. I haven't looked into diesel, but is it readily available in Los Angeles? I don't see it very often at the pumps here.

jayson_49 06-10-2007 9:37 PM

stay away from the BLING! anything but the Escalade

big_poppa_pump 06-10-2007 10:10 PM

turbo diesel 3/4 ton or up.

05mobiuslsv 06-10-2007 11:42 PM

Cadillac EXT, 403 hp and 412 tq is hard to beat.

rallyart 06-11-2007 12:25 AM

EXT has All Wheel Drive which is worth much more than you guess in any marginal driving conditions, and it has a tighter turning radius. Diesels smell, make noise, and don't have the horsepower. <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/talker.gif" border=0>There, now all the diesel fans will come on and talk about what they want...

ryanbush 06-11-2007 1:25 AM

Escalade All The Way!!!!

sdub 06-11-2007 6:52 AM

how much do you tow out to the river? if you head that way a lot I can tell you the Avalanche is not your best choice. I have an 04 Avy and the 5.3L motor just sucks wind up those long grades. It tows fine now I am out in the flat mid-west but towing to the river you had to always have your foot in it.

crazyeye 06-11-2007 6:55 AM

We tow every weekend up some pretty steep grades and curvy roads. We also have to tackle the "Grape Vine" in So Cal. once a month when we head up to Lake Nacimiento.

srock 06-11-2007 11:08 AM

If you go toyota, wait for 08 so they have more time to work the bugs out.

rio_sanger 06-11-2007 3:36 PM

my vote-3/4 ton Suburban- bigger brakes, heavier springs,I've been pullin boats with 'em since '79. Get 4x4 for those bad boat ramps. rumor has it dura-max available in Subs for '08, hope its true I'll be ordering one if so.

wake_upppp 06-11-2007 5:27 PM

"and don't have the horsepower." (diesels) <BR> <BR>somewhat true. But fortunetly TORQUE is the name of the game on the street, not horsepower, especialy when towing. And a gasser can't touch a diesel for MPG when towing. Not to mention diesel fuel is 30 cents a gallon cheaper and gas prices continue to climb with no end in sight.

srock 06-11-2007 7:55 PM

Chis, where did you hear that the suburban will get a diesel?

sdub 06-12-2007 8:04 AM

hasnt that been the rumor for the past couple a years???

clubmyke 06-12-2007 8:51 AM

are there any suv's with diesels ?

xbrdr1 06-12-2007 9:24 AM

use to be...Excursions.

duramaxer 06-12-2007 9:33 AM

Art I think that you are somewhat miss informed about what a diesel is for. <BR>The new Dmax is sitting at 365 hp which is less than the catty yes but the torque is 660ft/lbs which that little "truck" can't even touch. Plus the 6 speed alison tranny is an awsome piece of equipment that is attached to that diesel engine. That is what gets you down the road and up the hills faster and with more ease than a gasser not to mention the fact that the fuel economy will be way better loaded or not. <BR>My diesel is getting about 14-16 mpg loaded and 20-21 empty. Also 410 hp and 720 ft/lbs of torque. I do have some mods but nothing crazy and they are very reasonable to do to these trucks. There are new mods coming available for the new trucks as well.

rio_sanger 06-12-2007 9:49 AM

It's been a rumor for six or seven years, but a chevy "salesman" @ connell chev in costa mesa told me it's finally gonna happen... I'm not gonna hold my breath. but IMO, GM is stupid not to offer the deisel in what has been arguably the grandaddy of all tow vehicles/SUVs for 50 years or more. I've got the 8.1 litre w/ 455ft.lbs. of torque so it tows fine, but 10 mpg @ today's gas prices...

rallyart 06-12-2007 2:41 PM

Hey diesel guys, no arguments from me on the mileage that a diesel gets. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0> When you've got a load it can give better fuel economy than a gas engine. <BR>It's still noisy and smells and you can get the torque through gears. Some guys love their diesels but I'm not a fan for what is mostly going to be transportation. I've watched turbo diesel pickups go down the dragstrip in 9 seconds but I've seen that with a front wheel drive import too (and a semi with three jet engines). It's just a matter of choice.

bodie1204 06-12-2007 2:49 PM

cadillac and avalanche both pull great.

auto 06-12-2007 2:54 PM

Art, I am not sure what you mean by noisy, I guess you have missed the new diesels that are out there. Noise and smell, those are some objections I would expect to hear from someone on the left coast or surburban wife.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0>

duramaxer 06-12-2007 3:12 PM

If you are trying to get more torque in your gasser you will want to increase your stroke of your engine to have any gains. If you use gears you will be getting a different gear ratio but your torque stays the same. You will be losing speed if you change the gears to pull better so again the diesel will pull past you and wave good bye. <BR>Shane is right the new diesel are much less noisy than in the past also not as smelly either.

rallyart 06-12-2007 10:32 PM

I've got experience with the newer diesels and they are a vast improvement over a Cummins I had in a Dodge a few years ago. Just not what I want to drive. <BR>Oh, and I'm not a suburban wife quite yet <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0> but I do have to explain that the Venture is my wife's tall station wagon and that no, I never would own a minivan. <BR>Mind you I've driven a three door Suburban that I borrowed from a friends wife. (It had the old 396 and would have been better with any diesel) <BR> <BR>Anyway, get the Gas engine, the All Wheel Drive, and the tight turn circle. Too bad they don't sell it in a really bright red. (Now all the black truck guys are going to chime in...)

gobigorgohome 06-13-2007 5:44 AM

<blockquote><hr size=0><!-quote-!><font size=1><b>quote:</b></font><p>Not to mention diesel fuel is 30 cents a gallon cheaper and gas prices continue to climb with no end in sight.<!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote> <BR> <BR>Here in AZ gas prices are coming down with a continual reduction predicted. Gas and diesel are within about 10c of each other, whereas up until about 3 months ago diesel was typically 30-40c more.

derby 06-13-2007 6:19 AM

If my needs gave me a daily driver and then a truck. I certainly would go for the diesel. <BR> <BR>Back in reality, no matter how much I tried I could not justify the initial expense. In the end I chose the Tundra. <BR> <BR>The Tundra is a Beast. 385 bHP,400lbtrq, 4.33 gear ratio all rapped up in a great package with plenty of options to choose. <BR> <BR>I hope this is the last truck ever.Becaus I dont think I'll be able to let go of this one.

derby 06-13-2007 6:35 AM

Oh and the TUndra is 0% financing for 5 years right now until JUly 9th. If you want on start looking because the good combos are hard to find.

flux 06-13-2007 8:14 AM

That's a pretty sweet deal Derby. All reviews I have read give the new Tundra high marks. <BR> <BR>I have a daily driver and then my diesel truck. I live too close to everything to fire it up just to get a six pack or a gallon of milk. <BR> <BR>It's pretty weird how they manipulate gas and diesel prices differently. Almost like they pick and choose what sector they want to hit up for cash. Diesel for commercial, gas for the consumer.

duramaxer 06-13-2007 11:40 AM

I would say that if I was getting a gas pot I would definatly go with the Tundra. My buddy has one and it is a really nice truck and well built. If Toyota built a diesel I would have that over anything else for sure or a Titan. The domestic trucks can't even compare with the imports (better fit and finish, last longer and seem pretty strong for a gasser). <BR>The only complaint my buddy has about his Yo is that when he hooks his boat on the fuel milage is awful. It pulls his Tige but he pays for it and the trips are longer with all the fuel stops.

wake_upppp 06-14-2007 6:40 PM

"Here in AZ gas prices are coming down with a continual reduction predicted." <BR> <BR>Just curious where you read that? Most are predicting record high prices this summer. Gas prices will continue to rise as world wide demand is the highest it's ever been. Diesel is a much better bet for stability in pricing since just about all goods in this country are transported by truckers. Raise diesel to high and piss off the truckers and watch this country shut down when they park the trucks...

skurfed 06-15-2007 1:18 AM

Not on your short list, but you should seriously consider an Armada with tow package. Very much like my '05 - 9800lb towing, 385 ft lbs torque. <BR>New Pathfinder also now has the same v8 if you want something a bit smaller for daily driver. <BR>(or QX 56 if you want more bling factor)

sdub 06-15-2007 7:29 AM

yeah, that Armada is niiiice. they look real nice with 22's on em. and they do tow great. been in a couple towing 3000-4000# boats and I was impressed. Superior IMO to the Tahoe. <BR> <BR>I would go Armada or Caddy EXT. The one thing I do like on my Avy is how i can lock up my gear in the back and I can remove one or all 3 covers for more storage or hauling stuff. <BR> <BR>The new EXT are sweeet. Maybe its just me but the Tundra looks wise, takes a little getting use too, and I am not there yet.

bbking 06-15-2007 7:40 AM

well about diesel, its much more drivable and here in GA its everywhere and about 20 cents cheaper per gallon <BR> <BR>ya diesel would be smarter, how far are you driving because you are going to have HORRIBLE mileage with a truck + all the boat weight

crazyeye 06-15-2007 9:13 AM

The weekend lake is 45 miles away. Once a month we go to Nacimiento, which is 250 miles away.

stillentt 06-15-2007 9:42 AM

I have been checking out the new Tundras and found this beast online. Looks good!<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/463470.jpg" alt="Upload">

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