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nathan_from_downunder 06-09-2007 9:59 PM

in australia rails arnt allowed at all the police destroy them <BR> <BR>yet in all the wake movies out of the U.S they have permanent rails are these allowed on lakes and rivers or do the police pull them down <BR>also are alligators a big issue in orlando and other parts of america

westsidarider 06-09-2007 11:26 PM

alot of the time rails are built then taken down once filming is done especially if its not on one of the pros home lake in florida, where they dont really run into probs with the law. the other thing they do is ride rails with a winch and they are built off a like in a pool or something of that sort. <BR> <BR>alligators arent really a prob with wakeboarding because we make so much noise that they are generally scared away. alligators are only on the east coast here.

nathan_from_downunder 06-10-2007 1:41 AM

thanks for clearing that up jason callen we have sharks in most if not all salt water rivers and crocs up the north(alligators with different names) here in australia but if you want to ride you put up with it in the river i ride on on the goldcoast where Daniel Watkins, Jeff weatherall and i think Ike all live. i have been told of bull sharks nudging fallen riders in the water as they are not intimidated by boats at all

mobv 06-10-2007 4:18 AM

Most of the rails in videos are on private lakes.

ed_g 06-10-2007 6:14 AM

I live on the Clermont Chain of Lakes - 25 miles west of Orlando. <BR> <BR>Folks who own waterfront property do have their own rails and they are left alone by the authorities. <BR> <BR>The population of alligators in the area always increases when folks from out of state discuss the issue. <BR> <BR>Yes, some lakes do have a large population of alligators - Lake Monroe and Lake Jessup for instance. <BR> <BR>In the Clermont Chain of Lakes, in order to see a gator, you need to get out at night with a pretty bright flashlight and go hunting.

auto 06-10-2007 7:53 PM

Jason, Texas-LA have plenty of gators.

oopsds92 06-10-2007 8:08 PM

Ed, does rusty and danny live anywhere near u? i hear they live in clermont

westsidarider 06-10-2007 9:41 PM

the last time i rode with zane when i was in florida for nationals years back he said there were just over 500 gators tagged on his lake.

madison_boarder 06-10-2007 10:05 PM

Nathan, crocs and alligators are quite different. In additions to the obvious visual difference, in general Crocodiles are significantly more aggressive than alligators. In addition, saltwater crocodiles are easily twice as large as the largest alligator you'll find in the US. <BR> <BR>As for sharks, not an issue unless you're in the salt or in the coastal areas of the missippi delta (bull sharks DO come up farther, but it's not all that common). <BR> <BR>So, don't worry, you're more likely to get hurt falling down the stairs than getting mauled by an alligator or shark.

ed_g 06-11-2007 5:20 AM

dane, I have no idea who Rusty and Danny are. <BR> <BR>(I have to admit, I am only a fan of the Skiers Choice team riders and that's because they show up at my annual beach party) <BR> <BR> If they live and ride in Clermont, then yes, they probably live near me. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by Ed_G on June 11, 2007)

woreout 06-11-2007 8:00 AM

Parks was bit a year or so ago. <BR>Ed, do you invite any other riders? <BR>When and where is your party?

srh00z 06-11-2007 8:04 AM

Rusty Malinosky and Danny Harf live on Lake Minehaha in Clermont.

ed_g 06-11-2007 10:11 AM

Billy, <BR> <BR>My "annual party" is open to any Supra or Moomba owner and held at the beach at Lake Louisa State Park every April or May. <BR> <BR>Just had it May 12th. <BR> <BR>This year we had Josh Sanders, Trevor Hansen, Reed Hansen, Ben Greenwood, Austin Hair, Kyle Schmidt and Russ Wilde hangin' around and doing demos.

bcrider 06-11-2007 11:41 AM

If you live in Clermont and are a wakeboarder and have no idea who Danny and Rusty are you must be lost on this site.

eas 06-11-2007 2:44 PM

that is a bit strange....333 posts says he's not a stranger to wake or this board, so he must have been kidding???

ed_g 06-11-2007 3:32 PM

I'm sure they are great guys but, nope, no idea who they are. <BR> <BR>I'm a recreational wakeboarder... I won't ever get to be real good, don't have any fantasies about becomming real good and I'm really not the type to get all ga ga about folks who do sports proffesionally. <BR> <BR>Yea, we all live in the same town, all are watersports enthusiasts and I sorta doubt that Danny and Rusty know who I am too. <BR> <BR>But...we probably have waved to each other out on the lakes at one time or another.

ghostrider_2 06-11-2007 11:06 PM

Parks bit?

woreout 06-12-2007 7:32 AM

Bit like a ***, breast feedin a 6 year old.

woreout 06-12-2007 2:28 PM

There was a thread a while back about the whole Parks vs. gator saga.

ronnyboy27 06-12-2007 5:36 PM

I tried the search but couldn't find it can you post a link billy.

dreevs 06-13-2007 6:20 AM


woreout 06-13-2007 7:51 AM

dreevs, you Irish?<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0>

dreevs 06-13-2007 11:17 AM

Scottish, but it shenanigans seemed fitting to your fable. You gonna cough up the story? Not that one, <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/blush.gif" border=0>the one about the gator and Parks...<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>

woreout 06-13-2007 2:21 PM

Here ya go, enjoy. <BR><a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/409899.html?1170545078" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/409899.html?1170545078</a>

dreevs 06-14-2007 6:15 AM

Oh man. I called it. Poor gator.

ronnyboy27 06-14-2007 8:52 AM

I forgot about that thread. Freaking Billy.

woreout 06-14-2007 10:14 AM

I think it even scared Parks mom.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/rofl.gif" border=0> <BR>Parks did get a few calls after that one.

krkx93 06-14-2007 2:12 PM

i live in louisiana and we have rails all over lake dautrive and theyve been there for a while and i have never heard of and aligator attack any where near hear and we have hundreds of em in our lakes

rpayer 06-14-2007 2:35 PM

I'm in Louisiana too. There are so many of 'em down here you tend to forget they're there.

gabriel2001 06-15-2007 6:36 PM

I guess the California delta has a gator problem <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.ktvu.com/news/13512101/detail.html" target="_blank">http://www.ktvu.com/news/13512101/detail.html</a>

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