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04-28-2001 8:12 AM

when ur in the air for a hs 3, do u pull the handle in to ur hip slowly, or do u jerk it in...an once u got the handle behind ur back, does the momentum carry u through, or do u pull the handle again to get around?

04-28-2001 8:51 PM

fronside or backside?

04-30-2001 2:19 PM


05-22-2001 11:31 AM

As you are going up the wake pull the handle in at the same time, but don't start to spin until you leave the wake. Works for me....

06-01-2001 3:06 PM

I dont know if you're having problems with the handle pass or not but when i started trying them I would always freak out halfway thru the trick and throw the handle. What helped me out was realizing that I had way more time than i thought i had. Think about almost wrapping into the rope.. that will make the handle pass easier. <BR> <BR>brian

labambacho (junk) on Fri 06-08-2001 1:54 PM

Go FAST Go FAST GO FAST. SHARP TURN> spread them. <BR> <BR>jump in it. and it will suck you through the waves like a pin to a magnet or like my oncle would say:'It slides through like a hot knife through warm butter. <BR> <BR>:0) = jew. I am THA JEW JUNK

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