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richardson 06-06-2007 11:36 PM

Looking for some girls to teach me a thing or two, or everything.... Need a pull, pretty flexible. <BR>k. 206-819-7155

tcluv85 06-07-2007 9:15 PM

I am here. But I am traveling the next two weeks. I sent you a wakeworld message last night. I ride both lakes, usually the south end of Lk. WA and the north end of Lk. Samm. Although on occasion, we have been known to do a girls boat with my friends at the north end of Lk. WA. <BR> <BR>Can you drive a boat?

ladythump 06-10-2007 1:39 PM

bsflower, <BR>how far are you from bellingham??

tcluv85 06-10-2007 2:57 PM

1.5 to 2 hrs, depending on Everett traffic and where the speed traps are setup at.

tcluv85 06-10-2007 3:00 PM

Hey Ronia - I just saw you are from Furry Creek, my friend lives near the suspension bridge on the north side of Vancouver. We should hook up next time I am up that way. I go to Whistler frequently all year round (time share up there). I am so jealous of where you live (although not at the moment with all the construction, but in about 2.5 years, I will be VERY jealous). <BR> <BR>(Message edited by tcluv85 on June 10, 2007)

ladythump 06-11-2007 11:15 AM

yea look me up when you are here. I work at Whistler in the summer and winter. Maybe I will still have my boat up here and I can give you guys a pull.

tshmitty 06-19-2007 4:02 PM

Or you could come up to Lake Stevens... Always ridin...

tcluv85 06-19-2007 9:00 PM

Kahe - I can second Chris' claim of Lake Steven's is always ridin'. I rode alot with them several years ago. You should go up and meet them. They are a cool bunch up there.

tshmitty 06-20-2007 3:31 PM

And you've never been back?? <BR> <BR>You still interested in coming up North for a set, or do you still have that Lake Sam/Washington snob in you?

tcluv85 06-20-2007 4:23 PM

Ouch that hurt.....(but somewhat true, having residences on both WA and SAMM does create a snob). <BR> <BR>But I do want to hang with you guys again SOON, but I haven't gotten a specific invite for a particular day and time yet????? I am back in Washington starting Monday. <BR> <BR>I had to do a Phoenix/Vegas/Minnesota trip for last week and this week. Very tired...can't wait to get home.

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